Transfer of Ownership

In order to complete a transfer of ownership, the Welsh Pony and Cob Society require the passport returned to the WPCS office together with the transfer of ownership fee. Please see the Price List for details on fees.

It is a legal requirement that the transfer of ownership is sent to the passport issuing organisation within 30 days of purchase. Ensuring that the passport is up to date is the legal responsibility of the current owner of the animal.

Please ensure that the transfer of ownership boxes inside the passport have been filled in. The Welsh Pony and Cob Society require the name and address of the new owner, the date of purchase and the signature of the previous recorded owner. A signed copy of a receipt is acceptable if the transfer box has not been signed by the previous recorded owner.

If the transfer of ownership section has not been fully completed, then the Society can accept a Statutory Declaration, where the current owner of the animal writes a statement confirming that they are the legal owner of the animal in question.

The Society recommends sending passports via recorded delivery. For returning passports by recorded delivery, it is possible to have a prepaid return envelope which will stay with the animal’s passport whilst it goes through our system. Alternatively, enclose payment for £4 and a note requesting return by 1st Class Signed For delivery with Royal Mail.


If your passport is for a pony aged 10 or older – make sure that you send it to the correct address:

SA48 8AG

and not to the previous office address at Aberystwyth, which may be listed in your passport.

The WPCS moved Office over ten years ago. 

Stud Prefix

What is a Prefix?

A Prefix is a name chosen by a breeder which is used to Prefix the name of all animals bred and registered by that breeder and may also identify the breeder’s stud.

Prefixes must be registered with the Central Prefix Register. If you want to check who owns a prefix or check to see if anyone has already registered one that you want to use you can look on the Central Prefix Register website (Please note that the WPCS is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.)

The initial registration of a prefix includes registration with one society, but an additional fee is then required to extend the prefix for use with other societies.

Prefixes being used to register ponies with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society must be registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society as well as with the Central Prefix Register.

How to Register a Prefix?

New Prefixes can be registered through the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.

The fee to register a Prefix is £77 for members of the Society and £107.50 for non members, this includes the initial registration with the Central Prefix Register and registration of the Prefix for use with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.

New Prefixes must be between 2 and 20 characters long with no spaces, hyphens or apostrophes, and can not be commonly used second names. Final approval of Prefixes rests with the Breed Societies concerned and the Central Prefix Register.

If you have already registered your prefix with the Central Prefix Register through another Society and wish to extend it for use with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, send a note to the Central Prefix office asking for the extension to this society, and enclose the fee of £20.50, or contact the office directly.

If you have any questions or require assistance to register or extend a prefix, please contact the WPCS office.


Lost Passports

If the original Passport issued by the Welsh Pony and Cob Society has been lost, the registered owner can apply for a duplicate passport from the Society.

In accordance with current legislation, a request for a duplicate passport must be accompanied by a duplicate passport application form supplied by The Welsh Pony and Cob Society, and completed by a veterinary surgeon confirming the microchip number and the animal’s markings.

If the animal has not previously been microchipped, then the Society requires this to be completed by the veterinary surgeon.

The current fee for a duplicate passport is £40 (£70.50 for a non-member of the WPCS).

The passport will be stamped to show that it is a duplicate and the Section IX relating to human consumption will be stamped to show that the animal is not intended for human consumption.

Please note that it is illegal to sell an equine without a correct passport.

If a passport is damaged rather than lost completely and requires reprinting, then the owner should return the existing passport to the Society together with a current markings form supplied by the WPCS and the fee of £15.50 (£20.50 for a non-member of the WPCS) and a replacement will be provided.

For further assistance please contact the Welsh Pony and Cob Society office directly on


If an animal is on lease/loan, then the following Lease form can record this information on our database. This is required in order to record the correct person as breeder of a subsequent foal, or to ensure that any medal is awarded to the correct person.

Please note that this form is not a legally binding contract; it is only for office records. We strongly recommend that owners have lease/loan agreements drawn up and properly witnessed before putting an animal out on lease/loan.