The role of the Young Ambassador

The Role of the Young Ambassador

The Young Ambassador acts as an ambassador for the Welsh Breeds and the Society, to promote its charitable aims and encourage participation of children and young people, to represent existing young members throughout the UK, providing them with a voice and link between all UK and International Associations, Hill Improvement Societies, the President and Trustees.

Being appointed Young Ambassador is an honour that provides a rewarding and exciting role as well as providing an excellent opportunity for personal and educational development.

The current Young Ambassador is Miss Charlotte Harris

Candidates for the Young Ambassador, aged between 18 and 25 years, are now eligible to apply.

The closing date for receipt of applications is midnight on 6th September 2024.

The closing date will be strictly adhered to in order to allow interviews to be conducted and a successful candidate appointed.

An application form can be downloaded here



Educational Bursaries

In 2007 the Welsh Pony and Cob Society introduced Educational Bursaries to support the education and development of young people within the equine industry.

An annual amount of £6,000 is allocated to the bursary fund.  The application criteria has been kept deliberately broad to encourage younger members to apply.

Applicants must be fully paid up members of the Society, aged between 17 and 25 years attending a course of any discipline within the equine industry at an accredited college or training yard. The bursaries can be used to cover fees, the purchase of equipment, travel costs or any other purpose providing the applicant is able to demonstrate that it is directly supporting their educational development.

Should you or anyone you know be interested in applying for a bursary, please contact the WPCS Office

Young Achiever’s Award

The Society makes an annual award at its AGM to a young person(s) in recognition of their achievements within the Society and/or with the Welsh breeds.

Nomination of Young Achiever

The Society is keen to encourage nominations for this award, in order that recognition is given to significant achievements by its young members and the contributions they make to the Welsh Pony and Cob world.

If you would like to propose someone for the award, please send full contact details of your nominee and your reasons for nomination, stating why you think they should be considered, to the Society’s office.

The award is kindly sponsored by the Glyncoch stud.

Criteria of Young Achiever

Being a WPCS “Young Achiever” does not necessarily mean winning prizes with ponies and cobs in the show ring.

The Society has come up with suggestions as to who could be eligible for this award.

These suggestions are in addition to and do not exclude success in the show ring. They do, however, widen the criteria in order to benefit our members and our ponies and cobs.


· Have young members considered giving assistance to another member who might be in need? Do you know of someone who is struggling due to reasons beyond their control, e.g. bereavement, ill health or advancing years?

Could you, perhaps, find the time to offer them assistance, in a sensitive way? Perhaps you could offer to help them to distribute forage in the winter. Providing water can also sometimes be a problem if we are sometimes infirm, due to whatever circumstance. Summertime ragwort control is also something young members could help with if someone is in need of assistance. The list of assistance that could be offered in a quiet and sensitive way is endless.

·  Maybe you, as a young member have achieved success with a Welsh Pony or Cob that might have been unwanted or considered unmanageable. Have you seen an equine in need and done something about it?

· You would also be eligible if you are helping a charity to do with equines or RDA or similar.

You can apply for the Young Achiever award by being nominated by a member of the WPCS or through an Area Association. Do not be modest; approach a member to nominate you if you have helped in any way. Tell your friends about the award – they might like to join the Society as a Junior Member. Work in pairs or groups if you like. This could contribute to your Welsh Baccalaureate qualifications or perhaps the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Take responsibility for your achievements.

Many successful and well known WPCS members have started their careers with equines in this way. You don’t actually have to own a pony or cob. It is enough to make you eligible that you have shown concern and dedication for their wellbeing and welfare.