23 Sep 2021

WPCS Official Sale tickets!


The pre-event tickets for the WPCS Official Sale are now available to purchase online.

Entry £10 per person, for each day.

If you want to stay overnight you can also book your caravan, tent or horsebox (or trailer if your brave!)

Book your electric ‘hookup’ at the same time.

To book any or all of the above follow this link – it’s really easy


  • Avoid the queue to get in; get easy access.
  • Make sure of your ticket as they are sold on a first come first served basis
  • There is a designated blue badge forward parking area near to the Sale yard.
  • Free entry for Children under 16


Your ticket will be sent to you as an e-ticket, to your phone or by post- you choose, and no – cars are not being charged – entry to the sale is per person, and of course vendors have free   passes with each animal entered.

Catalogues will be available soon.


Come and see over 400 quality Welsh Ponies, Cobs and Partbreds – all in the one venue.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact info@severnvalleyevents.com

If you have any queries regarding the entries or sale itself please contact McCartneys.


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