14 May 2020

What does the WPCS have 16,000 of? 

The answer is quite surprising – they are prefixes.

Do you have a prefix?
If so, it’s yours to use and yours alone.

Do you intend registering any foals this year?

We get many applications that have chosen a name for their foal to follow their prefix which is a  also a registered WPCS prefix.  This is not allowed by the Society.

This year for the first time you can check all the names you wish to use against the PREFIX list, which is on the WPCS website, under the Passport tab, and avoid delays and problems before you submit your form.

Are you a Breeder who has another family member who would like to use your prefix? It’s possible to add an extension and add their name as a Prefix user – it makes a wonderful Birthday present as young member Tamara Waddington found a few weeks ago when her parents added her name to their Brackenrigg prefix to celebrate Tamara’s 21st birthday.

The cost of adding a name to your prefix is currently £20.50.


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