12 Feb 2024

Society Medal Review

Following the Implementation of the Society Medal Review in 2023 for an initial two-year period, the Judging and Showing Committee and full Council have met to look at the first full year of data following the review being implemented. This data, together with the feedback received from members, shows and competitors, have been considered to balance support for the shows and restoring the value back to medals awarded in good competition. To improve this, a decision has been taken to tweak a few areas ahead of the approaching 2024 show season. A full review will again be completed prior to the beginning of the 2025 show season.
Below are some key changes that have been made to the handbook for the 2024 season. Please make sure you read the updated 2024 Judging and Showing Handbook before attending a WPCS affiliated show. https://wpcs.uk.com/judging…/competitor-results-section/
* The distance for Judges between shows will remain at 40 miles.
* It will remain that a Judge must not officiate at more than three bronze status, plus one silver status (if eligible to Judge) affiliated shows in any one calendar year per section.
* On completion of Judging an in-hand affiliated show, all Judges must sign the coloured result card confirming the Champion and Reserve Champion and sign the appropriate box confirming the number of entries forward.
* A Judge must uphold the WPCS showing rules whenever adjudicating in the ring; the show rules are a condition of affiliating and exhibiting at a WPCS medal show. Upon identifying a breach of the Society show rules (as set out in the handbook for the respective show season) in relation to an exhibitor or an animal presented before him/her, the Judge must act by placing the exhibit to stand at the bottom of the line up. Consideration should be given to allow the exhibitor to remove the animal from the ring. This should be recorded by the Judge in the comments box when signing the Medal card at the end of the show. This must also be reported to the Society office as soon as practicable after the show.
Shows and Competitors
* Specific shows catering only for youngstock are only eligible for Bronze status.
* The requirement to offer all 5 sections when offering Bronze status has been removed, therefore, a show wishing to hold less than 5 sections will now be eligible to apply for Bronze status. E.g. to hold just Sections A and B would be acceptable.
* Silver Status shows must continue to offer all 5 sections. Except for Lampeter & Glanusk stallion shows that have preserved stallion show status.
* A show awarding Silver Status for sections A, B, C, D & WPBR must appoint a minimum of 2 separate judges from the WPCS judges panel who are eligible to judge the appointed sections.
* For Bronze medals to be awarded in a particular section, the minimum number of animals forward in a section must be 14 and all sections must have at least four classes each. If not all sections applied for reach 14 animals forward, only those sections that do reach 14 and above will receive a medal.
* For Silver medals to be awarded in a particular section, the minimum number of animals forward in a section must be 20 and all sections must have at least six classes each. If not all sections reach 20 animals forward, only those sections that do reach 20 and above will receive a medal.
* WPCS Association Medals can now be awarded to the Overall Show Champion of sections A, B, C, D, Welsh Part-Bred and Welsh ridden.
* Elite medals and triple crown awards will be removed.
* Please also note a change to the clipping rule for youngstock animals 3 years and under which can be found on inside front cover of the handbook.
Mervyn Davies
Chair Judging & Showing Committee

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