7 Jun 2022

Rules reminder

A reminder note for all exhibitors at WPCS affiliated shows.
Please share this widely.
A new rule regarding trimming has been introduced since January 1st, 2022.
Rule 9.6a Whiskers should not be trimmed. Following the FEI General Assembly held on 23 November 2020, a new rule that prohibits the clipping/shaving of sensory hairs was passed as part of the veterinary regulations. This has been implemented on welfare grounds.
Exhibitors found to have trimmed the sensory whiskers will be offered to stand at the end of the line or to leave the ring.
Rule 9.5a Tails must not be banged level. This is discretionary for Welsh Part-breds.
This is not a new rule, but one which several exhibitors especially in hand and ridden classes seem to ignore. ‘Banging’ a tail means cutting length off the bottom horizontally. The bottom of the animal’s tail should look uncut, and if trimmed, it should be shaped to provide as natural and native a ‘look’ as possible.

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