3 Aug 2021

Registrations Update

Registrations Update

A quick update on how the registration process is working.

In 2019 the Society received– 773 registration applications from January to the end of July. Last year it more than doubled to 1555 registrations received in the same period for 2020. Up to the end of July we have received 1,624 registration applications, which we believe is a record high.

We are currently registering applications received on the 29th of July.

However – some 10% of all forms received had to be sent back to the breeders due to errors or being incomplete.

The main problems are:

  • Not signing the forms – only signing in one place
  • Not putting the leg markings on the diagram – (the word description is correct)
  • Not checking that the leg markings correlate to the words exactly.
  • Not putting the rear-view markings on the legs – leaving them blank.

Please check these elements before submitting.

Two other things to check

  1. Have you used the name before? (Check on the Online pedigree by putting in the name of your prefix and the first letter of the name – don’t forget to tick alive and dead. This will quickly show you all the ‘g’ or ‘s’ names you have used https://tinyurl.com/wn22kbep


  1. Is the name you have chosen someone else’s prefix? How do you check? Click this link and scroll through https://tinyurl.com/kwt8wp8t


Thank you to those breeders who have registered with the Society so far this year. The price for registration in this second window has now gone up to £25.00 for members or £68.50 for non-members. This price window ends on September the 30th 2021

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