7 Mar 2021





The WPCS is delighted to share the news that it will continue to register stock bred by breeders who are not domiciled in the UK.

To be eligible for registration all animals will have to comply with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society’s’ breeding rules.

The register is to replace the non-UK born registrations section of the Stud Book with a new Overseas Register (OR). This will come into force immediately for foals born in 2021.

This will provide members of filial breeding books, outside the UK, with the opportunity to continue to register animals with the WPCS, via the (OR). Registration in (OR) will be voluntary. On acceptance for registration, the WPCS will issue an Overseas Registration Certificate.

This will not be an identification document in the same way as a passport or a zootechnic certificate, rather a record of registration. Breeders outside the UK wishing to register in (OR) will have to passport their animals in their own country.

Once registered the animal will be listed alongside UK bred animals in the Welsh Stud Book. They will be eligible to compete for WPCS awards and to be sold at the Society’s official sales.

An example of how a registration will appear in the Stud Book is as follows:

Name of animal / (OR) Overseas registration number / (Country of birth i.e., NL) Section / Colour/ Year of birth.  

Colin Thomas – Chair of WPCS Council said, “We are very pleased to share this news – post-Brexit, as it ensures the inclusion of the wider gene pool for the future and enables the breeders to remain as one body and custodians of our wonderful breed, wherever they live”.

The Society is the largest native Breed Society in Europe and on average registers approximately 5,000 foals a year with some 5% being bred outside the UK.

Anita Aerts – Secretary of the Welsh Belgium Society said “We are so happy that we can still be part of the Welsh Stud Book. Given the effect of Brexit and so many other rules, it is not easy to find a solution for all the Welsh Pony and Cob breeders, all over the world.  This is a good step forward between the WPCS and all the Welsh enthusiasts. It will enable the continuation of traffic of breeding stock between the countries. It is really good news for the breed.”


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