9 Apr 2020


With the foaling season well underway despite the current difficulties for everybody, we launch the NEW REGISTRATION FORM and the NEW LEASE / LOAN FORM. Both are available to download from this website, just go to the DOWNLOADS tab.

The new Registration form layout is compatible with our new database.
The new Registration form includes:
• An inbuilt Stallion service certificate (This does not preclude Stallion Owners from using the Service Certificate books but saves scanning time for the Office)
• All methods of Payment detail
• Foal’s immediate future ‘tick boxes’ to assist the Office in prioritising when animals are entered for sales; sold for export, or are to be shown at the foal shows and need passports to travel – alongside those from the same breeder which are to be retained at the stud.

It also notes that the deadline for registering foals in 2020 is November the 30th.

The new Lease / loan form does incur a £10 administration fee.

Foals can only be registered by breeders who are the owner of the dam at the time of foaling, therefore, if the mare is not in your name, you will need to lease it for the period from covering until the foal is born.
The fee is payable for a lease or loan form, but it is possible if the lease is for longer than a year to tick the ‘Until further notice’ box to save having to fill a form annually and incur an annual fee.
This is the first time that the Registration form is available as a download which is a cost saving measure for the Society. We can still provide you with printed forms on request or at events the WPCS  Exhibition unit will attend when they resume and Government restrictions are relaxed. 

WPCS 2020 Reg Form

WPCS 2020 Lease Form

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