10 Jun 2022

Calling All Junior Geldings!

There has been some confusion on social media overnight following a post by a show secretary and the National Welsh Championship show regarding the awarding of Sarum Investment Gelding rosettes.

To give members, breeders and owners some context the Society would like to share the history of the gelding scheme which was originally sponsored by the Millcroft stud for many years.

The original Millcroft scheme which was set up by the stud was aimed at promoting young geldings only – the idea being that geldings aged 4 and over can and probably should be predominantly doing performance classes by that age. Gradually it eroded as shows did not uphold the ideal and it ended up with older geldings sometimes being presented with the rosettes in an open gelding section, despite the Society rule book referring to the fact that these rosettes which are free to affiliated shows have always been for Junior geldings.

Milcroft’s driver in sponsoring the concept was the welfare angle, creating an opportunity to give breeders motivation to keep and enjoy young geldings. Likewise, to give purchasers a specific set of classes where they would be able to compete against other young geldings on level terms. Many exhibitors feel that the odds are against them when they compete against a colt or a filly with a young gelding.

In a perfect world there would also be a special section for older geldings in hand as well, however; the Society has promoted the younger geldings as part of its welfare remit.

Since the beginning of this year the Society with a new sponsor Sarum Investments have returned to that ideal of promoting young geldings and also incorporating Welsh Part bred geldings as the Stud book has five sections.

Shows when affiliating for the gelding rosettes should make exhibitors aware that they are for young geldings. This does not preclude any shows from adding older gelding classes however the rosettes are specifically for young geldings.

In parallel all geldings correctly registered and recorded with the WPCS as being castrated are now entered automatically into the Sarum Investments National High point Junior gelding championship. The points are collated by the WPCS office from the results supplied by affiliated shows and the winners will be announced and awarded their prizes at the Society’s Awards night on March the 11th 2023.

Historically this has been run using a points card scheme where you had to fill in the details of your results, but you don’t have to do that anymore! We do it all for you. With our new database we collate all the points from the results of the affiliated shows. If you compete with your junior gelding, you are automatically accruing points if you win, or are placed, at any WPCS affiliated shows that you are attending.

For clarification Sarum Investments also kindly sponsor a specific competition for geldings at the National Welsh Show in August, run by that show.

It is therefore vitally important that if you own a junior gelding that he is correctly recorded with the Society as a gelding and has a gelding stamp in his passport from the Society. Without this you will be losing out on valuable points.

Recently at a few shows some older geldings have mistakenly been awarded the Sarum rosettes by the show organisers. The WPCS Office is now working with those shows to rectify the situation and will soon be sharing the mid-season points standings for the Sarum Investments National High Point Junior gelding scheme online based on the results of shows which have been processed by the office.

The Society greatly appreciates the support of Sarum investments in carrying on the important work of supporting and promoting young geldings, and the affiliated shows for staging the classes.

We hope this clarifies the position for all exhibitors. If you have any further queries, please contact enquiries@wpcs.uk.com for guidance in preference to posting on social media.

Thank you

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