15 Jul 2022

The Show, shade and hydration.

Members who exhibit their animals are faced with difficult conditions over the next week. In general, the care of equines during hot weather is to ensure that they always have shade available and a constant supply of clean fresh water.

Looking forward to the Royal Welsh show all equine exhibitors have been contacted by the Show team with guidance; the headlines of which we share in this post. Due to the high temperatures currently forecast, extra consideration and awareness is being given for the weekend prior and Monday and Tuesday of the event.

Measures are being continually reviewed, as the safety of exhibitors and animal welfare is a main priority.

For those wishing to travel their exhibit to the show overnight, the Horse Hill Entrance will now be manned 24 hours on Sunday and Monday.  Please note, that on all other days the gates will be closed between 12am and 6am.

Water – Please remember that in hot weather horses can consume up to double their normal water intake. Do make provision for carrying extra water in your vehicles and where possible stop regularly safely to water your animals.

At the showground water taps will be available in the stable area along with additional water in the collecting rings. The Horse Wash area located opposite the Veterinary Compound at the top of the horse walk is available not just for preparing exhibits for the show ring but also for cooling animals down.

Grooms may bring water buckets for the equines and bottled water for riders when assisting exhibitors and will be allowed into the ring as soon as the horses have been lined up. The same will apply to connections of In-Hand Exhibitors.

Riders and drivers may compete without jackets

Exhibitors are reminded that they are responsible for the welfare of their animals, but the Show will assist in any way they can to ensure the wellbeing of the equines on the showground.

Exhibitors are advised not to use makeup and oil on their animal. As with humans, this can cause serious sunburn and enormous discomfort

Judges will be encouraged not to over-exert exhibits.

Please try and reduce the ‘warm-up time’ you plan for your exhibit prior to their class. Remember that the all-weather surface arena will heat up quicker than the grass collecting rings. Both the Main Ring and Horse Ring have been watered and a good covering of grass has been maintained.

There are shaded areas at various points around the showground including Horse Hill and the Stable compound but there is limited shading in the main collecting rings.

The Show’s Vet team are on call during the show and exhibitors are encouraged to speak with a steward at the earliest opportunity if veterinary assistance is required.

Keep safe – keep both yourself and your animals hydrated, find the shade and enjoy the show




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