12 Oct 2020

Blwyddlyfr y Gymdeithas 2021 / Society Journal 2021

The Society is pleased to share some information about the upcoming WPCS Annual Journal including an exciting new development for advertisers.

Important Deadlines

6th November 2020 – All editorial, reports, articles, obituaries, prize-winners photographs

17th November 2020 – All advertisements, Stallions at Stud, A.I Stallions at Stud
This date will be strictly adhered to and no exceptions will be made for adverts which are late, or which arrive in an incomplete form.

Advertisements should be sent to journal@wpcs.uk.com
The Welsh Pony and Cob Society, Bronaeron, Felinfach, Lampeter, Ceredigion. SA48 8AG

• Payment can be made via the Society’s website www.wpcs.uk.com or by calling 01570 471754.
• Advertisements must be supplied as complete.
• Digital images/text is preferred and should be sent via email to journal@wpcs.uk.com or saved on a CD/DVD or USB and submitted with the completed order form. If you wish to have the disc or stick returned, please enclose an SAE.
• Full page adverts are 148mm (width) by 210mm (height), with a 4mm bleed.
• Half page adverts are 128mm by 90mm.
• Quarter page adverts are 128mm by 43mm.
• Please provide your advertorial text at the same time as your advertisement
• Proofs will only be sent on request. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to check the advert before submission.
• Please note all pages will be numbered and this will mean that a page number will be added to your advertisement after proofing.


This year we are offering free Advertorial space with each Stud advertisement purchased.

An advertorial is a form of advertising which involves giving information in the form of an article.
Your advertorial will be text only – no images will be allowed. Ideas for advertorials could be:
• Your stud history / stud news
• A tribute to a particular animal
• Your foaling list of mares covered for 2021.
• Details of the stallions you stand at stud
• Details of stock for sale

How much advertorial space do I get for free with my Advert?

• Double page Advert + 1 Full page Advertorial
• Full page advert + 1 Full page advertorial
• Half page advert + 1 Half page Advertorial

The word count for an advertorial page is between 350 – 400 words. The word count for a half-page is between 180 -200 words.

Your advertorial content must be submitted at the same time as your advertisement. This is optional – if you do not wish any advertorial space please note this when submitting your advertisement.

The Society reserves the right to edit advertorial content.

Stallions at Stud 2021 / A.I Stallions available
This year we will be listing stallions who are available at Stud for live covering and by A.I in a separate list.
If you wish to advertise your Stallion at stud or in the A.I list, please complete the Stallion at Stud form and send it together with the fee of £25.00 to the office.


• Good reproduction in the Journal requires high quality originals
• Inkjet prints will not be accepted as they are of insufficient quality
• Photographs should be supplied electronically, preferably as jpegs. If you do not have the facility to supply photographs electronically, please contact the Office.
• Digital photographs must be scanned to a high resolution of a minimum 300dpi.
• Photographs submitted for consideration for the ‘Prize-winners’ section should have the registered name of the animal, details of winnings and photographer credits attached.
• All professionally taken photographs must be supported with an authorisation for publication from the photographer. Most photographers give the Journal permission to print in the editorial section without an additional fee but where a photograph is also being used in an advertisement a fee may be incurred. Please respect the Photographer’s copyright.
• The responsibility of obtaining authorisation for publication lies with the owner of the animal.
• All photographs must be credited to the photographer and that also includes non-professional photographs

Journal Contributions

• Articles and photographs are welcomed from individuals, associations, overseas societies and any other relevant organisations
• Articles MUST be sent in digital format and forwarded together with photographs
• Please note that the format of articles and image layout is subject to change.
• Archive material is particularly sought. All materials will be scanned and returned if you provide a SAE.
• The ‘Young People’ section is developing well in the Journal and we welcome contributions form all ages of Young people.
• All submitted content is subject to editorial control and a final decision by the Editorial committee.
• All submitted content must comply with Society policies, for example Social Media and Data Protection.
• Any materials submitted after the publicised deadlines will only be used at the Editor’s discretion.

Email: journal@wpcs.uk.com



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