1 Aug 2020

A Big Thank you

The Office would like to thank those members who have managed to submit application forms to register their foals before the end of July. We appreciate that it has been difficult due to the Covid19 situation and the availability of Vets to attend and microchip foals, given the restrictions.

Last year the Society received– 773 registration applications from January to July 2019.

This year that figure has more than doubled with 1555 registrations received in the same period.

This should certainly help and avoid a large influx as was received in November of last year, and we thank all of our members who have been able to do this for their co-operation.

We are actively returning forms which are incomplete or incorrect, not signed or paid for; so will not have a queue of ‘pending’ forms at the Office.

If your form has a problem, it will be returned to you with a blue check list ticked to indicate what the query is, so that you can rectify it before re-submitting the form.

As noted in the Spring newsletter sent to all members the next window for registration runs from today until the last day of September and is at the rate of £25.00 for members or £68.50 for non-members.

From the 1st of October that fee changes again, to incentivise early registration.


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