Curriculum Vitea for Council Members 

For ease of reference, CVs of Members of Council can be found here:

CHAMBERS, Daydre – Ardgrange Stud

I have been a Life Member of the society since 1974, and have had a lifelong interest in breeding, showing and riding of Section B ponies. I am a member of the Lampeter Welsh Breeds Stallion Show Committee and am responsible for the Section B’s and the Ridden Section at the show. Owing to the fact that there is minimal representation of Section B’s on our Council I have agreed to put my name forward for you the membership to consider my acceptance on to the Council. I will endeavour to do my utmost for the preservation of all sections in the studbook and would very much appreciate your votes.

DAVIES, Roger John – Hywi Stud

A Life Member of the Society, I have been actively involved with Welsh breeds as both exhibitor and panel judge for a number of years. My family and I have bred and exhibited our home-bred Welsh Section A, C and D’s with success. We share wonderful memories and a love of the Welsh Breeds that play such an important part in our lives. I am standing for Council because the welfare and promotion of our Welsh breeds are of paramount concern to me. The versitility of the Welsh breeds is well documented and I will fully support the Society to continue to raise their global profile with regards to our junior membership/ young exhibitors. They continue to need training, education, commendation and encouragement. They are the future of the Society and the time, energy and resources we invest now are vitaly important to their development as horsemen/women. If elected I assure the membership that I will act in the interest of the Welsh breeds, dedicated to their future within the equine world.

EVANS, John Elgan - Eglwysfach Stud

Welsh ponies and cobs have been an integral part of the family farm and haulage business for over 30 years.  They are part of our heritage and with the grandchildren already showing an interest in ponies, I am aware of the responsibility of protecting our ponies and cobs for the present and future generation to enjoy.

I am a panel judge and former Chairperson of Ceredigion W.P.C. Association, which has given me valuable experience in conducting meetings etc.

Within the present economic climate, it is important that those wishing to breed aim for true breed type that have a future in showing/breeding and or performing.

Animal Welfare and education are vital issues to address both no and in the future.

Our Ponies and Cobs are enjoyed by members worldwide and if elected I shall do my best to safeguard and promote the breed.

Mae Merlod a Chobiau Cymreig yn rhan o fy mywyd ac yn agos at fy nghalon a dyna pam rwyf yn sefyll etholiad I’r Cyngor eleni.

Gofynnaf yn garedig am eich cefnogaeth.

Gyda diolch,

Elgan Evans

GUMMERY, Edward P. J. - Treferthur Stud

My love affair with the Welsh breeds started almost 20 years ago and now I could not imagine life without them.  I am a proud WPCS life member and registered my Treferthur Stud of Welsh Mountain Ponies in 1996.  Despite distractions from a demanding career I have managed to breed and exhibit my ponies with success.  I am on the Home Counties WPCA committee and actively support the ‘Friends of the Hill Pones’ and Pony Improvement Societies, as well as being a panel judge for section ‘A’ and local Parish Councillor.  I am a retired senior manager, completing 30 years distinguished service with the Police and other government agencies.  I have set up, trained and managed special projects, coordinating and working in collaboration with other stakeholders, achieving success in response to specific problems; decorated for leadership, integrity and professional ability.  I have been disappointed in recent years to see the society’s reputation and integrity compromised by internal feuding and expensive litigation.  It has also failed to proactively address increasing welfare and cruelty issues, improve the accuracy of registrations by colour genetics and the proportionate allocation of show medals.  I am encouraged and inspired by the actions of our present council and believe that I have the skills, integrity and time to work as part of their team without fear or favour for the benefit of ALL members and to personally champion improvements in education, welfare and genetics; but above all for the benefit of our lovely ponies and cobs.

HOLLAND, Rona Ann – Minmon Stud

Mae gennyf nifer o ferlod Cymreig, gyda phwyslais ar Adrannau A a B. Maent yn llwyddiannus iawn yn y cylch arddangos. Oherwydd fy mhryderon am les anifeiliaid, anaml iawn wyf yn magu. Nid wyf ar restr feirniaid y Gymdeithas a nid wyf erioed wedi gwneud cais am hynny. Fy mhroffesiwn yw addysgu uwchradd, a bum yn yr un swydd ers 1978, gyda phrydiau eang o ddal uwch-swyddi rheolaeth. Oherwydd gofynion teuluol rwyf yn addasu fy nghyfrifoldebau fel bo’r gofynion. Bum yn cymryd rhan amlwg yng ngweithgareddau’r Gymdeithas nes colli fy mhartner yn 2009 a gorfod rhoi fy sylw i’r merlod sydd gennyf ac, wrth gwrs, fy swydd er mwyn eu cynnal. Bum hefyd ar bwyllgor ac yn ysgrifennydd sioeau GWPCBA am nifer o flynyddoedd cyn 2009. Bum yn annog yr adfeirch ymysg ein brid (hoffwn feddwl, gyda pheth llwyddiant) ers dros ddeng mlynedd, yn rhannol oherwydd synnwyr cyffredin ystadegau ail-gynhyrchu ond yn benodol oherwydd lles yr anifeiliaid. Erbyn hyn, am fy mod wedi rhannolymddeol a gofynion teuluol wedi ymlacio, teimlaf y gallaf gynnig rhywbeth yn ôl i’r anifeiliaid a’r Gymdeithas sydd wedi bod yn rhan mor fawr a phwysig o’m bywyd. Petawn yn cael fy ethol fel Ymddiriedolaethwr i’r Gymdeithas, byddwn yn gweithredu er lles yr anifeiliaid yn gyntaf a wedyn er mwyn lles yr aelodau. Hoffwn gael fy ystyried fel llais dros y di-lais a’r difreintiedig. Nid wyf yn perthyn i fath o garfan na phlaid a nid oes gennyf ddiddordeb-mewn-eiddo personol o fod yn ymddiriedolwr. Diolch.

I have a number of Welsh ponies and cobs, but concentrate mainly on Sections A and B. They are shown successfully from home. I seldom breed nowadays due to welfare concerns. I am not on the WPCS’ list of judges and have never applied. Professionally, I teach in the secondary sector, uninterruptedly since 1978, having held senior management positions for long periods. Family circumstances have required that I adapted my responsibilities when necessary. I took an active part in WPCS affairs until I lost my partner in 2009, when I had to concentrate on my herd and of course my profession in order to maintain them. I’ve also served on the committee and have been show secretary of the GWPCBA for many years prior to 2009. I’m also an advocate of the geldings within our breed (successfully I hope) for over a decade; partly because of the common-sense statistics of reproduction, but specifically because of welfare issues. Being partially retired and with less familial responsibilities, I now feel I’m in a position to offer something in return to the animals and Society that have played such a hugely important part in my life. Should I be elected as a Trustee, the welfare of the animals and then the members would be my priorities. I would like to be thought of as an advocate for those who are not heard and feel excluded. I belong to no faction or clique and have no vested interest in being a Trustee. Thank you.

HOOK, Tracy – Kemysfawr Stud

I joined the WP&CS in 1979 when I bred my first Welsh foal and registered the Kemysfawr prefix. I have bred, shown and ridden in all five sections of the stud book and I’m on the judges panel for all sections, including being an assessor of judges for the ridden panel. I am hardworking, committed, discrete and fair and would like to give back to the society for the joy and pleasure it has given me over the last 36 yrs and I would like to use the experience and knowledge that I have gained to make a positive contribution to the society and its members and help it to continue moving forward. Thank you.

KIRK, John Thomas – Donys Stud– No CV submitted

MORGAN, Peter Neville Edmund – Torcoed Stud

I have been a member of Welsh Pony and Cob Society since 2002, running a small stud breeding Section A ponies.  I have a particular interest in the hill ponies and assist in the production of the Friends of the Hill Ponies of Wales Magazine.  I consider the Welsh Breeds to be one of the most versatile native breeds and have been fortunate to experience all sections under saddle.  I believe that the Welsh breeds need a higher profile within the equine world and support the work the Society undertakes to promote education, the breeds and raise welfare standards.  I have served as a trustee in a number of organisations, being on the Board of Governors for a Further Education College and a treasurer for a local Youth Charity (YFC).  Having held such roles I am fully aware of the duties of a Trustee and if elected will ensure Society business is conducted in accordance with its rules and regulations.  I believe the Society must when conducting its business as a charity provides transparency, integrity and accountability to all its members.  I have been employed in Criminal Justice for over 25 years, across a variety of organisations dealing with both evidential, managerial and communications duties.  If elected I offer my experience in both managerial and communications skills to build a stronger Society for the future.

PARRY, Jeffrey Patrick - Talponciau Stud

Joined the Society in 1989 having owned Welsh pones since 1979.  Served as a Council member from 2006 to 2011.  Was on Education and Welfare Committee for four years, two as Chairman.  I also represented the Society on external committees.

Have been a member of Clwyd WPCA for a similar period of time, serving on its Committee for over ten years, two as Chairman.  Was Chairman of Coed Coch Feature day in 2001.

Currently Chairman of Equine Committee and Denbigh/Flint County Show, having been on Committee in excess of ten years.  Have served for almost three years as Denbigh/Flint representative of RWAS Livestock Committee, and now re-elected for a further term of four years.

Assisted at presentation days of Annual Performance Awards, and also I have sponsored a bursary at the Young Judges Competition for a number of years.

My experience at Committee level in many organisation has been beneficial in solving a number of problems in the WPCS and outside the Society.

I served in the Police for over 30 year and my honesty, integrity, openness and trust have never been questioned.  If elected I promise that I would serve each and every member of the Society in an equal manner, no matter what their background, beliefs or length of membership with the Society.


ROBERTS,  David Wyn – Tawelfan Stud

Married with two children and established the Tawelfan Stud, Wrexham , North Wales, I have been a member since 1982 and have been a Section C/D panel judge since 1995. The highlights of my judging career to date have been judging the ridden conformation at the RWAS in 2003 and the North Eastern Welsh Show, Syracuse, USA in the same year. Over the years we have shown extensively for ourselves and our clients with considerable success.

The Society, the people and the ponies have played a major part in my life, and if elected, and being neither a politician nor accountant, I cannot promise radical or instant change. However I can promise to take forward the views and wishes of grass roots members like myself.

Diolch yn fawr am roi o’ch amser i ddarllen yr ychydig eiriau yma a gobeithio y rhowh y cyfle i mi eich cynrychioli.

SHEIL-MORGAN, Joanna Christine – Dukeshill Stud

I have been a member since 1984 and served on Council 2003 – 2009.  I am a panel judge for all sections, and with my Mother breed Welsh Mountain ponies under the Dukeshill prefix, but I am not going to list our successes – they can be found on our website.  I am standing for Council because I believe it is time for the Council to move away from this ‘blame’ and ‘discipline’ culture and with members support, get back to what is important – the welfare and promotion of the ponies and cobs.  In these difficult economic times we need to unite to promote our wonderful breed and seek out new markets as they open up to us.  I would like to see education on breed correctness and welfare at a grass roots level to promote the breeding of quality not quantity.  Various ways could be looked at – people registering a new prefix being required to attend a seminar, people registering over a certain number of foals a year attending a conference where issues on over-production can be discussed, giving quality awards to breeders with good breeding policies and high welfare standards, and promoting ‘good practice’.  All are not without controversy or their own problems but I believe our Society should lead the way on promotion and implementation of welfare and quality animals being produced to ensure Welsh ponies and cobs remain at the fore of the equine world.

THOMAS, Colin - Rhosbren Stud

My family and I have been breeding hill ponies all our life.  I have been a member of Dowlais Pony Improvement Society for fifty years and involved with the running of the Society since 1976.

Some of my other roles are:

· Secretary of the Hill Pony Improvement Society’s of Wales (HPISW), since 1988.  Duties – include assisting the WPCS staff to coordinate meetings, advising hill members, assisting university students with equine research/projects and hill visits, also dealing with media and television.

· HPISW representative for the Cross Party Assembly Group for the Horse.

· Editor and Vice Chairman of the Friends of The Hill Ponies of Wales magazine.

· Open Day Event Organiser – promoting the registered semi-feral Welsh Mountain ponies.

· Director of – Pori Natur a Threftadaeth Ltd (PONT) and Friends of the Hill Ponies of Wales Magazine.

· I have served on the WPCS Council for five years (2007 – 2012).

All of these duties has been on a voluntary basis.

I am well acquainted with the long term direction of the WPCS, which include its objectives and purposes, implementing polices to achieve objectives, complying with legal requirements, accountability to the membership.

It is imperative that good governance should happen throughout a charity.  The trustee board is solely responsible for good governance.

I am an open minded person who attends meetings with no hidden agendas and vote and deal on subjects with steadfast adherence to a strict ethical code.

If elected, I assure the membership that I will act in their interest in my tenure.