Forms for Download 

Please note that registration forms are not available for download. Please contact the office directly and these will be sent to you.

Membership & Direct Debit Form

Junior Membership

Stallion Licence (VC1)
NOTE: The issuing of a Licence in no way guarantees fertility.
NOTE: The Society strongly advise against the use of unlicenced Colts/Stallions

DNA Vet Form

Notification of Transfer - Please note that this form is not required if the transfer of ownership boxes towards the front of the passport are all complete.

Statutory Declaration Notes



Artificial Insemination Form (AI)

Guide to Completing Markings

Educational Bursary Form

Young Ambassador Form

National High Point Junior Gelding of the Year

Show Affiliation Forms

WPCS Mentoring Scheme

WPCS Application for Funding

If you require registration forms please contact the office either by emailing or contacting the office on 01570 471 754.

Microchipping is compulsory for all ponies/horses being submitted for registration after the end of June 2009, microchips can be purchased from the Society at a cost of £3.50 each.