Price List 

Fees and Guidelines for Completion of an Application Form for Registration

Membership Fee  
Annual Membership
(£35.50 if paid by Direct Debit)
Life Membership (Under 21 years of age) £950  
Life Membership (21-40) £750  
Life Membership (41-59) £550  
Life Membership (60 years and over) £350  
Registration Fees Fee for WPCS Member Fee for non Members
Pure Bred Registration Colt/Filly - Registered before 31st Dec of its year of birth £22.50 £66
Pure Bred Colt/Filly - Registered before 31st Jan in its yearling year £35.50 £79
Pure Bred Colt/Filly - Registered after 31st Jan in its yearling year - Parentage testing mandatory at extra cost £35.50 £79
Pure Bred Colt/Filly - 2 years of age and over - Parentage testing mandatory at extra cost £130 £175
Pure Bred Gelding Registration - Registered for 1st time £22.50 £66
Pure Bred Gelding Registration - Surrendering old style certificate £15.50 £62
Pure Bred Gelding Registration  - Passport Update £0 £0
Welsh Part Bred Registration - Colt/Filly £22.50 £66
Welsh Part Bred Registration  - Gelding Registered for 1st time £22.50 £66
Welsh Part Bred Registration  - Overstamp £22.50 £22.50
Welsh Part Bred Registration - Gelding surrendering old certificate £15.50 £62
Pure Bred/Welsh Part Bred Gelding - Passport Update £0 £0
Updating Original Certificate to a Passport £15.50 £21.50
Internationally Acceptable £46 £46
Prefix Application - Download Form £77 £107.50
Prefix Extension £20.50 £20.50
Stallion Licence - Download Form £188 £234
Duplicate Passport £40 £70.50
Stallion Service Certificates (book of 50) £10.50 £15.50
Return of Passport via Recorded Delivery £3.50 £3.50
Colour Re-entry £20.50 £29
Sectional Transfer £20.50 £29
Transfer of Ownership £15 £15
Import £15 £15
Export £15 £15
Extended Pedigree (4 generation) £8.50 £8.50
Extended Pedigree (4 generation - laminated) £10.50 £10.50
Priority Processing * £20.50 £20.50
Microchip £4.50 £4.50 
Postage (1-5 Microchips) £3.50 £3.50
Postage (6-10 Microchips) £5 £5
Postage (11-20 Microchips) £7.50 £7.50
DNA Testing Kit £50 £50
Damaged Passport Replacement £15.50 £20.50
Passport Correction £15.50 £20.50
Return of Passport for Deceased Animal £3.50 £3.50

* Services are processed in date order, priority processing will fast track your service, the priority processing fee will not be refunded if the application is not correctly or fully completed.

All Prices include VAT. Receipts are not supplied automatically but are available on request.

In instances whereby submission of an application for a service has been partly processed before cancellation is received, 20% of the refundable fee will be retained to cover costs incurred by the Society.

When submitting forms for registration: -

  • Check that you have signed the form.
  • Check that you have enclosed the service certificate or signed the form to confirm the service if the stallion is in your ownership or leased.
  • Ensure that the sire and dam are recorded in the correct ownership.
  • Check that the diagram form has been completed and signed, along with the microchip details and the veterinary surgeon has signed and stamped.
  • Check that you have enclosed the relevant registration fee.


Please note that the registration fee no longer includes the cost of the microchip. These can be ordered separately.

If you require registration forms please contact the office either by emailing or contacting the office on 01570 471 754.

Microchipping is compulsory for all ponies/horses being submitted for registration after the end of June 2009, microchips can be purchased from the Society at a cost of £4.50 each.

Members are reminded that VAT receipts are no longer automatically provided, however should you require receipts for your purchases, please notify the Society and this will be recorded on your account.

Payment should be made payable to Welsh Pony and Cob Society.