WPCS In Hand Veteran Award 

We all take care of our precious ponies and cobs who have given us years and sometimes decades of pleasure in various equine events. When they can no longer compete with younger animals, we still respect and take care of them.

We as a Society thought that we could provide them with a competition of their own over a period of time so that they could continue to enjoy the in-hand buzz of a show-ring and be appreciated by spectators and handlers alike. Hence the introduction of the WPCS Veteran Scheme, open to all sections of our stud books.

It is intended to:

- Award special Veteran Scheme rosettes to the highest placed Veteran pony, cob or horse in affiliated shows. All 5 sections are included.

- The scheme will include stallions, barren mares and geldings in In-hand classes only. (This scheme will not include ridden classes.)

- The Veteran Scheme rosettes will be available free of charge to shows requesting them.

- Veterans to be classed at 19 years or over for the purpose of this scheme.

- A championship class of highest placed veterans in WPCS Sections to compete for the Minmôn Veteran Championship and Reserve Championship rosettes in shows signing up for the scheme. These rosettes to be sponsored by Ann Holland, Minmôn Stud (and co-sponsors if anyone is interested and willing to share costs.)

- Veteran cards supplied to members for signing as per gelding scheme.

- Scheme to run from 1st October to 30th September annually to ensure inclusion of results in the Journal. (Initially to run from January 1st to September 30th 2018.)

- Scheme to continue throughout the year so as to encourage inclusion in Foal and Youngstock Shows and any other Winter shows.

- Unaffiliated shows are also invited to be part of the schemes as the gelding incentive scheme – but with roughly the halving of the points collected.

- Awards presented at the AGM. 

Veteran Scheme Application Form - Competitor Form

Veteran Rosettes Form - Application Form for Shows