National High Point Junior Gelding of the Year 

Entry Form and Conditions of Entry

2016 Results

Conditions of entry

1. The competition is open to purebred Welsh geldings, A, B, C and D, (must be recorded as gelded ) not exceeding three years of age.

2. Owners need not be members of the Welsh Pony & Cob Society.

3. The competition will run from January 1st to December 31st

4. Entry forms are available from the W.P.C.S. Office. There is no entry fee for the competition. On receipt of the entry form a Results Card will be sent to the competitor.

5. Result cards must be returned to the W.P.C.S. Office, no later than 7th January

6. Result cards must be signed by the Judge of each class or the show secretary, if not, points will not be allocated. Additional cards can be obtained from the office.

7. Points that cannot be verified or are not clearly recorded will be disallowed. A competitor will be disqualified if the rules are not adhered to or false results are claimed.

8. Only fifteen shows (regardless of duration) are allowed and no more than three classes per show which must be either purebred Welsh in-hand classes or mixed Mountain and Moorland in-hand classes. (i.e. not plaited as Riding Pony/SHP/Sports Pony etc). If more shows are attended please cross out the shows that are not to be counted

9. In the event of a tie, the animal with the greater number of 1st placings will go up.

10. Any pony/cob sold during the competition year may have the points transferred to the new owner.

11. Please keep a photocopy of your Results Cards prior to mailing them to insure against loss in the post.

12. Competitors will be notified of the results in writing. Awards will be given in each Section. It is hoped to gain financial sponsorship for each Section.

13. Points will be awarded as follows:

At shows not affiliated to the W.P.C.S or N.P.S. –

1st = 8 points
2nd = 6 points
3rd = 4 points
4th = 3 points
5th = 2 points
6th= 1 point

Gelding Champion: 6 points.
Gelding Reserve Champion: 4 points
Overall Section Champion: 8 points.
Overall Section Reserve Champion: 6 points

At affiliated W.P.C.S. or N.P.S. shows –

1st = 15 points
2nd = 12 points
3rd = 10 points
4th= 8 points
5th= 6 points
6th= 4 points

Gelding Champion: 12 points
Gelding Reserve Champion: 10 points
Overall Section Champion: 15 points
Overall Section Reserve Champion: 12 points.

Extra points can be added to the above points for:

Winning a Special Highest placed Gelding in the class rosette - add 5 points
Receiving a Millcroft Gelding Champion rosette - add 10 points
Receiving a Millcroft Gelding Reserve Champion rosette - add 6 points

Champion Overall Gelding of the Year – add 20 points (not eligible for double points)
Reserve Champion Overall Gelding of the Year – add 10 points (not eligible for double points)

The Royal Welsh Show, The Scottish Horse Show and the National Welsh & Welsh PartBred Championships will command double points throughout