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Young Judges Competition 2012

Young Judges Competition 2012

The competition, started in 1997, is run under the rules and direction of the WPCS Judging and Showing Committee and holds an important place in the WPCS calendar. Over the years the competition has proved to be a valuable training ground for future judges of the WPCS panel.

Aim  The aim of the competition is to find annually the top Young Judge of the Welsh Breeds. It provides the opportunity for young people to develop their skills in terms of judging and also present their understanding of the judging process in an interview situation.

Eligibility  The competition is open to all young people aged between 10 and 21 years of age. Area Associations and Overseas Societies are invited to nominate and enter up to 3 competitors. Studs are also eligible to nominate 1 person but this will be limited to 10 places on a first come, first served basis. All entries must be made on the appropriate entry form and returned with payment of £11 per competitor to Mrs Bethan Jones at WPCS Offices no later than Tuesday 17th July, 2012.

Classification The competition will be run in three age groups: 10 – 12years, 13 – 18years and 19 – 21years. The overall winner will be decided by the judges from the winners of the three groups.

Date, time and place This year the competition will be held on the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. WR13 6NW  on Saturday 11thAugust starting at 3.30pm. Presentation of awards will be made later in the evening (approx 7.30pm) at the evening event organised by the Young Peoples Committee. The National Welsh and Welsh Part- bred show will take place on the showground on the following day.

Assessors:   Miss S Hardy ( Briarth) and Mrs J Williams (Glebedale) will assess the candidates.        

Scoring   A maximum of 100 marks is awarded by the assessors as follows:

  • 25 marks for candidate’s placing

  • 40 marks for candidate’s accuracy and observation

  • 25 marks for candidate’s comparative rather than descriptive description

  • 10 marks for candidates interview presentation


Procedure   Competitors will judge an in hand class of four section D animals. They will be required to assess the cobs standing, in walk and in trot. They will place the ponies in their preferred order on the score card provided.  The Assessors will also judge the cobs at the same time as the competitors. A sheet with full details of the procedure is available and should be consulted.


Dress   Competitors are required to dress in a way consistent with judging at a show and this includes the wearing of a hat or bowler.

Interview   Following the judging of the ponies each competitor will be interviewed individually by one of the judges in a drawn order; interviews will be conducted indoors.


Awards   Prize money will be awarded to competitors placed 1st– 3rdin each age group; additionally the winner of each age group will receive a WPCS medal. The Overall winner will receive the Young Judge of the Year Sash and Trophy. The Overall winner will also have the opportunity to accompany a senior judge the following day. All competitors will receive a WPCS rosette. A special training bursary will be awarded to the Association gaining the most points. Special Awards for highest placed overseas candidates.


Acknowledgements   The Welsh Pony and Cob Society would like to thank the following for generous support to the competition:


Mrs K James – Prize money and Special Overseas Award

Mr and Mrs L Bigley – Llanarth Trophy

Mr M Daley – Showing Stick 

Mr and Mrs J Parry – Association Training Bursary

Mrs J Price and the Welsh National Show Committee - for running the competition on the day.

Communication   All communication in the first instance will be with Mrs Bethan Jones, Assistant Principal Officer, Welsh Pony and Cob Society, Bronaeron, Felinfach, Lampeter. SA48 8AG. Email:

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