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The Role of the Young Ambassador of the Year 2017

The WPCS Council has recently implemented some significant and important changes to the Young Ambassador (YA) & Young Ambassador-Elect (YAE) selection process and terms of Office in response to discussions and proposals made by the Committee of the WPCS Young Peoples’ Group (YPG).

The role of the Young Ambassador is to act as an ambassador for the Welsh Breeds and the Society, to promote its’ charitable aims and encourage participation of children and young people, to represent existing young members throughout the UK, providing them with a voice and link between all UK and International Associations, Hill Improvement Societies, the President and Trustees.

The YPG voted for fundamental changes to the YA role and selection process. Council, who will monitor and review the progress, making modifications where necessary, has ratified these changes.

The changes with effect from the 2016 AGM are as follows:

- The role of YAE is effectively abolished.

- The YA term of Office increases from 12 to 16 months.

- The selection of the new YA will be decided in January, taking up office at the Society AGM in April where he/she will take over from the previous YA having had a four month handover.

- The four month overlap will enable the new YA to receive feedback from the serving YA, adopting best practice for the forthcoming year and planning itinerary.

- A guide setting out responsibilities and duties will provide a framework on which to set goals and organise an itinerary in advance for his/her term on office. This guide is not exhaustive but would include some attendance at select shows and functions, fundraising and report writing. Click here to download the guidelines

- In the interest of guidance the President will work more closely and in partnership with the YA, supporting and mentoring the YA as part of his/her responsibilities whilst in office; a model that has proved successful between the outgoing President Mr Dai Harris and former YA, Gareth Watkins.

- Council may also consider qualified/experienced mentor(s) from the Membership to work more closely with the YA to provide additional guidance when needed.

- The President-Elect will therefore have input into the selection and interview process for the YA that he/she will be working alongside in the forthcoming year

The current Young Ambassador for 2016-2017 is Miss Eleri Evans of the Cathedine Stud.

Candidates for YA, between the ages of 18 and 30 years, are now eligible to apply for YA 2017-2018 and are encouraged to submit a completed application form to the Society’s office following the AGM.

The closing date for receipt of applications will be midnight on Monday 31st October 2016.

This will be strictly adhered to in order to allow interviews to be conducted and the subsequent appointment of a successful candidate before January of his/her term of office. 

An application form can be downloaded here

11th Apr 2016