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2012 - Year of the Welsh Gelding

Many may think of 2012 as the year of London Olympics but in terms of the Welsh breeds it will be remembered as the year the Welsh gelding shot to prominence through two very welcomed initiatives.

The Royal Welsh, having introduced a Gelding Section that is sponsored by the WPCS in 2012, has been rewarded with a staggering entry of 94 geldings. These classes will be judged on Tuesday 24thJuly in the Horse Ring at 5pm by Mr Ifor Lloyd and have been generously supported by Mr and Mrs James of the Highland Stud.  Mr Eric Davies, WPCS President, will award prizes to the winners in this new section on behalf of the Society.

These classes also qualify for the prestigious Millcroft National Gelding Championship to be held at the Welsh National Championship Show on 12thAugust. Qualification has taken place across the country with the highest two coming forward from each qualifier for the final where prize money for each section will be £250, £125, £75, £25 and £25. This generous sponsorship has been kindly given by Mr & Mrs Carter of the Millcroft Stud who have campaigned tirelessly for the status of the gelding within the Welsh Stud Book.

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society has recently passed that all colts registered with the Society can be re-entered as geldings free of charge. This was instigated by the membership at the Society’s AGM when a good case was put forward to remove the cost due to the current climate.

15th Jun 2012