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Statement about the Welsh Pony and Cob Society pavilion

As many of you will know, the current Welsh Pony and Cob Society pavilion is scheduled for demolition immediately after the end of this year’s Royal Welsh Show. Plans have been formulated for construction of a new one to commence straight away.

Following a Council meeting on Monday, 13th July 2015, Trustees voted unanimously to postpone construction of a new pavilion at the Royal Welsh Showground.

The design for a new pavilion – a better, more flexible and adaptable building – is nearly ready, and superb help has been given to the project by a number of co-opted former Trustees. Indeed, the WPCS could not have achieved so much without their support, expertise, interest and ideas.

However, despite the work put into it by successive councils, the Estates Group, staff and an architect, the WPCS is not ready to proceed with construction at this time.

The current WPCS Pavilion was a once-in-a-generation project, and so is a new one.

How to make the most of a new building for you, the Members, how make more use of it generally and how to help the Society use it to meet its charitable aims and objectives requires consideration – and consultation.

Additionally, more time must be allowed to investigate, from a variety of sources, funding and finance opportunities that will deliver the best option for you and the Society in the most cost-effective way. These processes require consideration, and often lengthy application procedures.

Later this year, you will be asked for your ideas, giving you chance to have your voices heard and become full stakeholders in the project.

Please email any immediate thoughts and suggestions to

15th Jul 2015