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At its meeting held on the 8th July 2013, Council resolved that henceforth the Society Journal will be produced in-house, under the guidance of the Services, Education and Welfare committee. Council would like to express its thanks to Mr David Blair for his services to the Society as past Editor of the Journal.

The office is now accepting editorial, information and reports for the Journal and would like to encourage members to send their contributions in for consideration. Please send your contributions to Forms for submission of photographs for the Prizewinners section can be found here with advertisement application forms here. After the success of this year’s competition for the best Advert in the 2013 Journal (congratulations to the Heniarth Stud and Ingrid Delaitre on their joint-winning advertisements), another competition will be held for the best advert in the 2014 Journal.

Council recently reviewed the content of the Journal, with the following format being adopted:

1. President’s message – President’s Message and Picture

2. Prizewinners
- Remove “future champions” section.
- Royal Welsh Overall Section Champions – Sections A, B, C, D, WPBR, Welsh Driven, - Ridden C & D, Gelding Champion, Welsh Mini Ridden Champion and Mountain & Moorland Champion (+WHP possible).
- Submitted photographs should be of prizewinners for the current year only, with the “year” running from 1st October to 30th September i.e. qualifying information for the 2014 Journal will start from 1st October 2012 to 30th September 2013.
- Minimum criteria of at least one Society Medal to have been won during the “year”
- Prizewinners application form to be completed in full, with photographs attached (successful photos should also be supplied electronically if possible)
- Ridden, Driven, Performance (dressage, jumping, WHP), Geldings, In-hand A, B, C, D, WPBR, Youngstock – maximum of 10 photographs per section.
- Formal application form to be completed that will include the following:
--Name and Registration numbers of prizewinner, its sire and dam
--List of shows and results
--Photograph owner’s name & address for return
--Selection Committee’s decision is final

3. Articles / Editorial

- AGM Report
-Editorial team’s Choice

4. Young People’s Section

- Young Ambassador Report
- Young Peoples Committee Report
- Young Judges Competition
- Other articles* submitted by young people
- Young People’s Gallery

*Substantial articles should be included in the Journal with the remainder being submitted for the magazine. 

5. Looking Back in Time

- Old Articles of historic value*

*Members are encouraged to submit more recent articles i.e. relating to the 1970s/80s, as these would be of interest to members and could now be considered “old”.

6. Members Obituaries

Criteria for inclusion of member obituaries should be similar to honorary awards and they should demonstrate a level of excellence within the breed.

- People that have had a major influence on the breed
- One photograph
- No word limit

7. Pony & Cob Obituaries

SEW Committee to decide which obituaries should go in the Journal depending on their level of excellence; those not meeting the criteria could be placed on the Society’s website.

- Maximum 300 words
- One photograph
- Animals to have had a major influence on the breed
- No form to complete

8. Association News

- All to be offered up to one page
- Maximum 500 words
- Up to three photographs
- A year’s worth of news, but no show reports.

Remaining articles can be considered for the magazine.

9. Overseas News

- All to be offered up to one page
- Maximum 500 words
- Up to three photographs
- A year’s worth of news, but no show reports

Unused articles can be considered for the magazine.

10. Performance

- WPCS Performance Awards results
- Priority given to Welsh Ponies and Cobs that have excelled against other breeds in various disciplines
- Geldings: National High Point Gelding of the Year

11. Sire Ratings

- RWAS Sire Ratings
- In-Hand Sire Ratings, with pedigree and photograph
- Performance Sire Ratings with pedigree and photograph

12. Medal Awards

- Gold
- Silver
- Bronze
- Previous year’s results submitted after closing date for printing Journal
- List of Gold, Silver & Association medal shows to be held in Journal year

13. Sales

Report, photographs and prices:

- Spring Sale
- Fayre Oaks
- Cob Sales
All other sales reports, such as Hay on Wye, to be submitted for inclusion in the Society’s magazine and/or on the website.

14. Shows – It was agreed that the following show reports would be included:

- RWAS (Judges reports and results only; Sections A, B, C, D, WPBR, Driven, conformation judges reports for Ridden C&D, Mini, M&M: Dr Wynne report for magazine & website only)
- Lampeter
- Glanusk
- WPCS Performance Show
- National Welsh Championship Show
- Any other Silver medal show that wishes to submit report for consideration
- Olympia

15. Advertisements

It was decided that the Society will allow commercial and non-member advertisements for equine related goods and services in order to increase income. 

16. Stallions at Stud

If a full page advert is placed in the Journal, individuals can have one free Stallions at Stud entry. 
Stallions at Stud application form

17. Index to Advertisers

It was agreed to that the Index should remain in the same format as the current year, with stud name first, then person name. It was further agreed that the Index should remain at the rear of the Journal.

Journal Advert Form
Stallions at Stud Form
Prizewinners Form

Journal Information 2014

22nd Aug 2013