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WPCS Council Meeting 15/08/11 - Summary Report

WPCS Council Meeting 15/08/11
Summary Report

This report summarises the main points that were discussed during a meeting of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society Council that took place on Monday 15thAugust 2011 at the Society’s new offices in Bronaeron, Lampeter.  This meeting is a continuation of the Council meeting held on the 4thJuly 2011 when sufficient time had not been available to address all agenda items.

A number of favourable comments had been received in the office regarding the International Show and Council wished to thank the International Show committee and everyone who contributed to the success of the Show for their hard work and excellent organisation.  Congratulations were also extended to the organisers of the National Welsh Show held in Malvern and the Aberaeron Festival of Welsh Ponies and Cobs which were also reported to be extremely successful.

Trustees stood in silence to pay their respects to the late Mr Chris Gibbons of the Rhydspence stud who had recently passed away. 

On behalf of the Society, Council wished to extend its thoughts and sympathies with members and breeders in Norway after the recent tragic events.

Council passed that in future all registrations of progeny out of a chestnut sire and chestnut dam, not marked as chestnut in colour itself, would be queried.

It was passed that the prefix “Regency” would be listed as being protected.

The Terms and Conditions of Sale were reviewed and amendments proposed.  These will be finalised at the next Council meeting, after the Sales committee has met.

Constitutional changes were proposed to the Society’s Articles of Association which will be placed before the Society’s legal representatives and the Charity Commission prior to being put before the Society’s membership for approval and adoption. 

It was proposed that a meeting of Council would be held within 3 weeks of an AGM to appoint a Chair and Vice Chair of Council.  Prior to this meeting, an induction for all new trustees would take place within of an AGM.

The way in which judges are selected for the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show was discussed and it was noted that some Society members are unaware that the final selection rests with the RWAS Livestock committee, not WPCS. WPCS put names forward but these may or may not be considered.

Recommendations from the Advisory Group were presented to Council and accepted, including raising the Group’s profile on the Society Website and to representatives promoting the availability of WPCS trustee attendance at forums; educational visits to equine colleges and establishments; and welfare seminars/talks.  Since there are some UK areas without representation on the Advisory Group, Council accepted the Group’s proposal that a further ballot of unrepresented areas would take place later this year.  The areas in question are Northern Ireland, North of England, East Midlands, Southern Counties and South West England.

Welsh Government documents relating to Stray, Dumped and Abandoned Ponies on Common Land were distributed and will be made available on the Society Website.

An update was given on the single PIO issue, with public consultation expected in the Autumn.

Trustees agreed to attend a forum of the Carmarthenshire Welsh Pony and Cob Association on the 15thNovember 2011.

Anna L. Prytherch
Principal Officer
17thAugust 2011

18th Aug 2011