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Statement issued by the Welsh Pony and Cob Society in relation to the Sales held on 14th May 2011

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society acknowledges the communication and correspondence received in connection with the sales held on 14th May 2011 and issues this statement in response.

The draft sales of Welsh Mountain Ponies and Welsh Cobs on behalf of the Criccieth and Ilston Studs that were held at Builth Wells on Saturday 14th May 2011 were not part of the Society’s Official sale.  These sales were Brightwells’ responsibility and were conducted outside the Society’s conditions of sale, as noted clearly both in the catalogue and through the rostrum at the sale itself.  Brightwells has issued a statement with regard to the sale of these animals which can be found here.

At its meeting held today, Council decided that no entries would be allowed to be sold outside the official sale rules of the Society, at the same venue, on the same day, or included in official sales catalogues in future*.

As a result of Council’s concerns, the whole issue of sales are to be reviewed, to include the standard and condition of animals entered.  This will include increased involvement of the Society’s Honorary Welfare Officer and Honorary Veterinary Surgeon.

The Society considers the welfare of all equines to be of paramount importance and works hard to educate and support owners and breeders of Welsh Ponies and Cobs in this respect.   However, it has to be acknowledged that the Society’s role is educational and advisory, but that the Society itself has no legal powers.   The Society’s Welfare Officer is working closely with the relevant authorities in connection with welfare complaints received.  At the conclusion of any investigation, the appropriate action will be taken.

The Society has always considered welfare as a priority and will continue to work closely with members and non-members to ensure the health and prosperity of all Welsh Ponies, Cobs and horses in general.

Council, Welsh Pony and Cob Society
19th May 2011

*this does not impinge on the Auctioneers' ability to hold draft dispersal/reduction sales, albeit these will be held under the Society's official conditions of sale and will appear in the sale catalogue

20th May 2011