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Welsh National Foal Show 2015

Royal Welsh Showground.
25th October 2015.

There were 190 entries in the fifteen classes at the 28th Show and from all these, WPCS President Mr Dai Harris selected the bay Section C colt Miss Iola Lloyd-Hughes’ Rhydsarn Enzo as supreme and the chestnut Section B filly Mr and Mrs Bigley’s Llanarth Confetti as reserve.


Rhydsarn Enzo
Photograph by Owen Griffiths



Llanarth Confetti
Photograph by Sarah Hayman


Rhydsarn Enzo has been an outstanding foal all summer, first catching one’s eye amongst the cream of the breed at the Royal Welsh Show where he won a class of 39 entries, followed by wins at the National Welsh championships, Gwent and Ceredigion WPCAs. Enzo is sired by Tyrllawn Rolls Royce who was champion Section C foal here in 2012. His dam Hafodyrynys Rosette, who was 3rd to the champions Menai Lady Catkin and Synod Rubetta at the Royal Welsh was Royal Welsh female champion in 2007 as a three-year-old; her pedigree is full of Royal Welsh champions, she is sired by Bryncarreg Lightning Jack Champion in 2001 who was by Nebo Bouncer champion five times and Rosette’s dam Hafodyrynys Ceinwen is sired by Synod Reagan champion in 1983.

Reserve Section C champion judged by Mr Wayne Groucott was the 2nd prize colt foal Whinder The Lightning Thief owned by Will Bassett and Demmi-Jo Dunning of Darwen, Lancashire. Lightning Thief is sired by Parvadean Roberto whose three grand-parents are Synod Replay, Synod Robby Box and Synod Reprint and the fourth grand-parent is Parvadean Ginette by Synod Ranger. Lightning Thief is similarly bred to Enzo, both dams are sired by Bryncarreg Lightning Jack and Thief’s dam Coedduon Rose Cariad (bred in Blackwood, English for Coed Duon) is by Parc Hywel out of a daughter of Poundy Brenin, great-grand-sire of Enzo.

Reserve supreme Llanarth Confetti is sired by the Dutch-bred twenty one-year-old Breeton Dai out of Llanarth Chelsea who is full-sister (f.2007) to the Llanarth Stud stallion Llanarth da Vinci (f.2006). Although Breeton Dai was bred in Holland, he is sired by (now twenty eight years old) Eyarth Rio on a very rare occasion when Rio was allowed to leave Telynau Stud where he has been WPCS top-sire three times.

Reserve Section B champion with judge Mr Howell Davies of Cadlanvalley was Eddie and Mark Tamplin’s dun filly Griashall Lalique whose full-brother the yearling Griashall Legend was equal top-priced Section B (£4,000) on the Fayre Oaks Sale; they are sired by Griashall Kiwi who was Royal Welsh champion Section B in 1999 and male champion in 2010.

Champion Section A with judge Miss Rosie Wilson was Mr David Eatwell’s grey colt Tyrceffyl Scamp sired by Dyfed Sensei out of Putwell Serenade a grand-son of Putwell Carregllwyd who was a big winner some twenty years ago for Show secretary Barbara Green. Putwell Serenade is descended from Putwell Stud’s original Friars Princess foaled in 1982.


Tyrceffyl Scamp
Photograph by Sarah Hayman


Reserve Section A champion was John and Tracey Jones’ filly Nantfforchog Blue Debutante who won the largest class of the day with 21 exhibits appearing from 39 entries; in 2013 her half-sister Blue Moon Dust was champion here. Blue Debutante is another sired by a Dutch-bred stallion Centannial Ramos and is of the same “Blue” family as Blue Romance who last year qualified for HOYS at the NPS Spring Show.

Although the Section D classes had plentiful entries, the numbers appearing were less than usual, a feature which other Foal Shows have also experienced this year. Nevertheless the champion, judged by Mr Andrew Thomas, was a very worthy specimen, Mr David Boot’s Cascob Little Bess bred by Mrs Mary Edwards who has been breeding Welsh cobs for sixty years. Her owner David Boot had tried to buy her dam Cascob Black Bess as a foal in 2005 and having failed, decided to buy Little Bess as soon as she was born. Black Bess, who won the senior brood mare class at the Royal Welsh this year, is descended from two of the Cascob foundation mares, Nesscliffe Dallas (f. 1979) and Parc Princess II (f.1956). Matthew Howells, who was reserve champion with his colt Dyffryncowin Victor was also 2nd in the colt class with Dyffryncowin Mississipi Joe, both sired by Haighmoor Dafydd who is full-brother to Haighmoor Glain the 2010 Royal Welsh Prince of Wales Welsh cob champion.


Cascob Little Bess
Photograph by Sarah Hayman



Dyffryncowin Victor
Photograph by Sarah Hayman


Mr Howell Davies also judged the Welsh part-breds where his champion was Mrs Kathy Hall’s over 14.2hh Penstumbly Pili-Pala which Karen Hooper of Llanelli had bought on the Brightwells Cob Sale at £1,300 as a future riding pony for her daughter Lara. Pili Pala is sired by the dun Section D stallion Lodor Ffrwlyn Llwyd and her grand-dam the German Westfalian Claudia has bred some very successful stock for fifteen years at Penstrumbly. Reserve champion was Telynau Stud’s 12.2hh bay Telynau Magnum whose four great-grand-sires are the well-known Welsh part-bred/riding ponies Deanhills Royal Jubilee, Rotherwood Brigadoon, Twylands Ebony and Oakley Eleven Up.


Penstrumbly Pili Pala
Photograph by Dr Wynne Davies


The riding pony section was judged by Mr Wyn Morris and both champion and reserve came from the strongest class i.e. to make M&M lead-rein where 10 of the 16 entries turned up. Champion was Kitty Bodily’s grey Section A filly Glebedale Abelona sired by Thistledown Let It Be (Waxwing Victory x Crossways Queen Bee) out of Glebedale Amarni, a daughter of Polaris Amanda whose grand-dam Coed Coch Angyles was bought by the Countess of Dysart to start her Polaris Stud when the Executors of Miss Brodrick sold 26 on the 1963 Fayre Oaks Sale. Reserve champion were Eddie and Mark Tamplin winning their second reserve championship of the day, this time with their roan Section B filly Griashall Faberge, again sired by Griashall Kiwi and her dam is Polaris Farida.


Glebedale Abelona
Photograph by Sarah Hayman


Report by Dr Wynne Davies.


Section A (Miss R Wilson)
Filly Foal

1 & Reserve, J & T Jones’ Nantfforchog Blue Debutante;
2, T Wall & J Osborne’s Nynwood Hissy;
3, M Plummer’s Marroway Valeska.

Colt Foal
1 & Champion, D Eatwell’s Tyrceffyl Scamp;
2, W, S & R Lloyd’s Llanfilo Amber’s Replica;
3, H Roberts’ Lynard Jackson.

Section B (Mr H Davies) 
Filly Foal  

1, Champion & Reserve Supreme, L & A Bigley’s Llanarth Confetti;
2 & Reserve, E & M Tamplin’s Griashall Lalique;
3, R Williams & A & K Fletcher’s Telynau Dianthus.

Colt Foal
1, P Davies’ Maybrook Pizzaz;
2, A Butler’s Paddock Rio Grande;
3, H Percival’s Menai Masquerade.

Section C (Mr W Groucott) 
Filly Foal  
1, C Pearce-Morgan & S Morgan’s Windmill Taren;
2, Godebog Stud’s Godebog Olwen;
3, A & V Evans’ Cnwch Cariad.

Colt Foal  
1, Champion & Supreme, I Lloyd-Hughes’ Rhydsarn Enzo;
2 & Reserve, W Bassett & D Dunning’s Whindar The Lightning Thief;
3, J Davis & H Bennett’s Popsters Superstar.

Section D (Mr A Thomas) 
Filly Foal  
1 & Champion, D Boot’s Cascob Little Bess;
2, L & A Bigley’s Llanarth Gwyneth;
3, D Rees’ Mountainhare Mystique.

Colt Foal  
1, Reserve & 2, M Howells’ Dyffryncowin Victor & Dyffryncowin Mississippi Joe;
3, K Philbey’s Horeb Bandit.

Welsh part-bred (Mr H Davies)

1 & Reserve, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Magnum;
2, D McKenzie Tolhurst’s Menedh Peggy Sue;
3, D Morgan’s Lowland Ballerina.

1, S Watkins’ Talsarn Law Breaker.

Exc 14.2hh 
1 & Champion, K Hall’s Penstrumbly Pili-Pala;
2, E Eynon’s Hatteral Honey Dun.

Riding ponies (Mr W Morris)

1, S Jones’ Kyneton Toona;
2, Lowland Ballerina.

1, Menedh Peggy Sue;
2, N Billington’s Fairywood Pearlessence.

1, Talsarn Law Breaker.

12hh M & M  
1 & Champion, K Bodily’s Glebedale Abelona;
2 & Reserve, E & M Tamplin’s Griashall Faberge;
3, J & T Jones’ Nantfforchog Araucaria.

26th Nov 2015