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Welfare Conviction of a WPCS Member

Article 4 b) – Notwithstanding the foregoing, if it is established to the satisfaction of the Council upon receipt of a certified memorandum of conviction that a Member has been convicted before a court of law of any offence of cruelty toward an Animal, then that Member shall be expelled or suspended from Membership of the Charity forthwith, reprimanded or cautioned and the Charity shall not be required to adopt the procedure set out in article 4 a).

At its meeting held on Monday 9th December and on receipt of a certified copy of the Memorandum of an Entry to the Register of the Gwynedd Magistrates Court, registered on 19th November 2013, Council resolved to expel Mr E. Ll. Evans of the Criccieth stud from membership of the Society with immediate effect.   No application for re-admission will be considered within 10 years.

12th Dec 2013