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The History of the Welsh Pony - by Tom Best - Now Available

The History of the Welsh Pony - by Tom Best - Now Available

The History of the Welsh Pony by Tom Best is now available from the WPCS office at a cost of £30, plus postage and packing.

Meticulously researched, stylishly written and lavishly illustrated this is long awaited the definitive study of the development of the Welsh Pony or Welsh Section B.


London, UK – The History of the Welsh Pony is a unique and comprehensive study of the development of the Welsh Pony over its 100-year history. From the influence of Polo Pony Society members at the turn of the 20th century to the specialist breeders of modern times, this book provides an insight into the origins of this beautiful breed. The famous Welsh Mountain Pony has featured heavily in its development, so too has the beautiful Arabian horse and the Thoroughbred which were used to infuse height into the developing Welsh Pony.

The book is packed with fascinating stories about key people in the field, including when and how their influence was felt. It is fully illustrated with photographs, many published here for the first time, which chart the development of all the different types and highlights those outstanding Welsh Ponies that have made their mark.

The Welsh Pony, or Welsh Section B as it is commonly known, is the most recently developed of the native British pony breeds, although its origins stretch back centuries. It is the only such pony to be bred for a specific purpose and, thanks to its relatively short history, there are ample records of its development. Referred to by 20th century breeders as the Welsh Riding Pony, it was bred to provide a pony with Welsh character suitable for children to ride.

Tom Best’s title The History of the British Riding Pony (Medina Publishing 2011) has been highly praised by pundits and the public alike, and is shortly to be reprinted in paperback. With The History of the Welsh Pony, he cements his reputation as one of the foremost experts on native British pony breeds.

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Tom Bestis a well-known authority on the Welsh pony, and author of the best-selling The History of the British Riding Pony. Co-founder of Waxwing Stud, he has bred at the highest level, qualifying for the Horse of the Year Show and taking championships at prestigious shows such as the Royal, Great Yorkshire, Royal Highland, Royal Welsh, National Pony Society and Ponies UK.

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6th Dec 2013