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South Western WPCA Bronze Rosette Foal Show Report

South Western WPCA Bronze Rosette Foal Show Report

Hywi The Enforcer

The first lorry rolled into the yard at 7.40am and they just kept coming and coming in a very long line after that! I really apologise to all the competitors as much as I can as I know myself how frustrating it is not being able to park! Anne and John Brice did the most magnificent and un-enviable job of parking the vehicles but what does one do when you run out of space? There was a quarter of an hour delay at the start of show due to the car parking situation. Lots of vehicles meant lots of entries and the classes were once again at this ever thriving show bursting with lovely ponies.

It was hard where to look as the quality of ponies in three running rings were full to bursting! Mr Peter De Rade (Zonneweide) had an abundance of A’s brimming with quality and giving the Bronze Medal to Mr Stewart Franklin’s Filly Foal Sarum Rose D’anjou shown by Katie Parry and Reserve going to Victoria Cordery’s Yearling Colt Uphill Arctic Fox. The B’s saw the Champion Courtdown Swift owned by Janet Hawkins but it was the Reserve Section B that came away with the Bronze Medal in the form of Cadlanvalley Golden Serenade owned by Alex Williams.


Sarum Rose D'anjou


Mr Robert Howard (Moorcroft) equally had a hard choice of quality Cobs in front of him but gave the Bronze Rosette to the Section C Filly Foal Popsters Good Gracious owned by the Popsters Stud and shown by Justin Davis. Reserve Came from the 2/3 year old class Hywi The Enforcer owned and handled by Mr Roger Davies.

Quality D’s came running into the ring but the one running away with the Bronze Medal was Debbie Newman’s Section D stallion Coednewydd Orient Express followed closely by the 2nd placed mare from the same 4 year old and over class taking the Reserve Ridgehill Christine owned by Steve Patch & Kevin Howdle of the Ridgehill Stud.

Over to the Outdoor Arena and up to her eyes in huge classes was Mrs Pamela Cox (Cheritonridge). The Foal Champion was a lovely Dale Southerton Jasper owned by Helen Jeans and handled by her daughter Jess Talbot.

Youngstock Champion was the beautiful and successful Shybont Desirae In Mind shown by Marina Greenaway. This 3 year old then went on to beat a majority of the Champions to take Reserve Supreme In Hand of Show (one to look out for next year under saddle!) Adult Champion was the exquisite Kenilwood Wishing Wind owned and handled by Sam Dyer.


Shybont Desirae In Mind

Kenilwood Wishing Wind

NPS Ridden Classes, again judged by Pam Cox from the Cheritonridge Stud were very well supported and saw competitors coming from far and wide to get their winter qualifying tickets. Glebedale Johnny Depp claimed the Novice Ridden ticket and then went on to do a lovely show in the Championship to take the Tri Colour. This beautiful example of a Section C was expertly ridden by Heidi Bennett being owned by the Popsters Stud. Reserve was the Section B Brookhall Maxi Million.


Glebedale Johnny Depp


Huge congratulations team for doing a tremendous job throughout the day. Stewards Anne Brown, Yvonne Small, Suzy Pound, Ollie Mockridge – Officials Jude Taylor and Sharon Tunnicliffe for keeping the all important Health and Safety Hazardous Entrance Clear and to my fantastic daughter who turns herself into Hitler for the day to keep me in check and to keep the office side running smoothly (thank you Kayleigh Spiller). A pat on the back to every single one of you for making this day so successful.


Longbourne Master Spy


Judy Pring
(Show Secretary)


Class 1
Section A Colt/Gelding Foals (6 forward)
1st Sarum Pinot Grigio Mr and Mrs S Franklin
2nd Shrubhouse Sidney Mr R Munning
3rd Drenrow Choir Boy Sue Wilkinson

Class 2
Section A Filly Foals (5 forward)
1st & Champion Sarum Rose D’Anjou Mr and Mrs S Franklin
2nd Thistledown Yellow Bird C & G Williams
3rd Uphill Dun & Dusted Cathie Pearse

Class 3
Section A Yearlings (7 forward)
1st & Reserve Champion Uphill Arctic Fox Victoria Cordery
2nd Caeharris Gwyneira C Brimfield & E Bath
3rd Uphill Ffion Fox M Pearson

Class 4
Section A 2&3 Year Old (6 Forward)
1st Glebedale Marmaduke M Cook
2nd Drenrow Sugared Almond K Reynolds
3rd Rosedale Barbarella Mr and Mrs L Partridge

Class 5
Section A 4 Years and Over (2 Forward)
1st Runshaw Llewellyn C Brimfield and E Bath
2nd Wilcrick Scarlet Banner P Savage

Section A Champion – Sarum Rose D'anjou
Reserve – Uphill Arctic Fox

Class 6
Section B Colt/Gelding Foals (2 forward)
1st Waxwing Archive Mrs J Wyman
2nd Weydown Royal Consort Elle Horler

Class 7
Section B Filly Foals (2 forward)
1st & Reserve Champion Cadlanvalley Golden Serenade C & G Williams
2nd Llanarth Silver Slipper Elle Horler

Class 8
Section B Yearlings (5 forward)
1st Courtdown Kestrel Hawkins/Wilks
2nd Annandale Cinders V Stephens
3rd Daukester Karen K Reynolds

Class 9
Section B 2/3 Year Olds (5 forward)
1st & Champion Courtdown Swift Hawkins/Wilks
2nd Lemonshill Seajay C Asplin
3rd Annandale Lady Grey V Stephens

Class 10
Section B 4 Year and Over (3 Forward)
1st Musbury Limited Edition S Hennig
2nd Brookhall Royal Mint Mrs J A Wyman
3rd Longbourne Master Spy Mrs I Gadsby

Section B Champion – Courtdown Swift  
Reserve – Cadlanvalley Golden Serenade

Class 11
Section C Colt/Gelding Foals (1 Forward)
1st Peasedown Mambo Caroline Sutton

Class 12
Section C Filly Foal (10 Forward)
1st & Champion Popsters Good Gracious Popsters Stud
2nd Neuaddparc Lullaby Gareth Coomber
3rd Tyntyla Look At Me Ryan Wilson

Class 13
Section C Yearlings (1 Forward)
1st Hywi Super Model Mr R Davies

Class 14
Section C 2/3 Year Olds (1 Forward)
1st & Reserve Champion Hywi The Enforcer Mr R Davies

Class 15
Section C 4 Years and Over (3 Forward)
1st Tinvaal Gaucho Debbie Newman
2nd Crocadon Wild Glen Jenny Westlake
3rd Elwell Master Bronson Annie Edwards

Section C Champion – Popsters Good Gracious
Section C Reserve – Hywi The Enforcer

Class 16
Section D Colts/Gelding Foals (5 Forward)
1st Ringside Zorba Mr and Mrs G Williams
2nd Brambridge Prince George Mr R Russell
3rd Coednewydd Trofield Titan Z Williams

Class 17
Section D Filly Foals (5 Forward)
1st Brynarth Sweet Temptation Lee Keet
2nd Ringside Lady Marie C Brimfield/E Bath
3rd Keenleyside Flying Model Debbie Newman

Class 18
Section D Yearlings (5 Forward)
1st Brenhinol Prince Leanne Guidice
2nd Saulire Tigerlily A Rowe
3rd Odwyn Tomos Charles S Bridges

Class 19
Section D 2/3 Year Olds (1 Forward)
1st Kiron Jacobite Lee Harman

Class 20
Section D 4 Years and Over (7 Forward)
1st Coednewydd Orient Express Debbie Newman
2nd Ridgehill Christine S Patch & K Howdle
3rd Coednewydd Kalypso Debbie Newman Champion

Section D – Coednewydd Orient Express 
Reserve Section D – Ridgehill Christine 

Welsh Pure Bred Championships
Foal Champion – Sarum Rose D'anjou
Reserve Champion - Popsters Good Gracious 
Youngstock Champion - Hywi The Enforcer
Reserve Champion – Courtdown Swift
Adult Champion - Coednewydd Orient Express
Reserve Champion – Runshaw Llewellyn

Class 21
Welsh Part Bred Foals, Yearlings, 2/3 Year Olds (9 Forward)
1st Centan Black Pearl Alexandra Hawkes
2nd Woodroyd Charlies Girl Elle Horler
3rd Blade Trinity S Bridges

Class 22
Welsh Part Bred 4 Years & Over (5 Forward)
1st Kenilwood Wishing Wind Sam Dyer
2nd Penwood Amadaus H Lomas
3rd Bradmore Katwalk Alexandra Hawkes

Class 23
M&M Foals (4 Forward)
1st Southerton Jasper Helen Jeans
2nd Blackertor Mythical D Hodge
3rd Anchor Jaguar L Cerni

Class 24
M&M Yearlings – 2/3Year olds (5 Forward)
1st Commander of Park View P Horne
2nd Summerhouse Greta K Hodge
3rd Severnvale Maisey K Whitell

Class 25
M&M 4 Years and Over (6 Forward)
1st Townend Midnight K Hodge
2nd Countess of Lisroh H Lomas
3rd Silverlea Slip Anchor A Williams

Class 26
Coloureds – Foals/Yearlings/2/3Year Olds (8 Forward)
1st Shybont Desirae in Mind Marina Greenaway
2nd Daukester Karen K Reynolds
3rd Moonlight Apache Kath Gregory

Class 27
Riding Pony/Show Hunter Pony – Youngstock (5 Forward)
1st Shybont Desirae In Mind Marina Greenaway
2nd Holnest Mikado N Walters
3rd Glebedale Jaeger Bomb M Cook

Class 28
Riding Horse/Hack/Hunter – Youngstock (9 Forward)
1st Foxview Peace At Last N Evans
2nd Holnest Mikado N Walters
3rd Moonlight Apache Kath Gregory

Class 29 Riding
Horse/Hack/Hunter 4 Years and Over (4 Forward)
1st Kenilwood Wishing Wind Sam Dyer
2nd Longbourne Master Spy M Paull
3rd Bradmore Katwalk Alexandra Hawkes

Class 29A
Miniatures Any Age
1st Halstock Minerva Hodge/Walters
2nd Bullhorns Bucks Fizz Lisa Lawrence
3rd Seymours Enchanted Secret Clare Russell

Foal Championship From Classes 21 to 29a
Champion – Southerton Jasper
Reserve – Halstock Minerva

Youngstock Championship From Classes 21 TO 29A
Champion – Shybont Desiera In Mind
Reserve – Commander of Park View

Adult Championship From Classes 21 to 29A
Champion – Kenilwood Wishing Wind
Reserve – Longbourne Master Spy

Supreme In Hand Championship – Hywi The Enforcer
Reserve Supreme – Shybont Desiera In Mind 

Ridden NPS Classes

Class 30 NPS M&M Pure Novice Small Breeds (6 Forward)
1st Brookhall Royal Mint Gemma Wyman
2nd Millcroft Shogun A Thomas
3rd Thistledown Fancy Pants Heidi Bennett

Class 31
NPS M&M Pure Novice Large Breeds (8 Forward)
1st Cathael Rosinda G James
2nd Menai Golden Emperor D West
3rd Browbank Jacob Black Caitlin Clancy

Class 32
NPS M&M Novice Small Breeds (7 Forward)
1st Brookhall Maximillion K Alway
2nd Torfields Copper Coin Holly Morgan
3rd Thistledown Arctic Fox Jessica Price

Class 33
NPS M&M Novice Large Breeds (7 Forward)
1st Glebedale Johnny Depp Heidi Bennet
2nd Cathael Rosinda G James
3rd Yddol Robin Jessica Talbot

Class 34
NPS M&M Open Small Breeds (4 Forward)
1st Uppacott Mondavi K Alway
2nd Blackthorne Poem P French
3rd Musbury Limited Edition S Hennig

Class 35
NPS M&M Open Large Breeds (5 Forward)
1st Hamlin Holly S Milnes
2nd Youve Been Tangoed S Hennig
3rd Elwell Master Bronson Kathryn Edwards

Champion Ridden – Glebedale Johnny Depp
Reserve Champion – Brookhall Maxi Million

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11th Feb 2015