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Society EGM held Saturday 28th January 2012

The Society convened an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of members on Saturday 28th January 2012, with 56 members present.  The meeting was chaired by the Society President, Mrs Kathleen James, and attended by the Society Scrutineers.  Proxy votes were accepted from members not able to be present on the day.

Two Special Resolutions were placed before the membership, with a minimum 75% vote for each proposal required in order for it to be ratified.  Results as follows:


Special Resolution 1

Additions and Amendments to the Articles of Association.

455 votes received: 73% For; 27% Against

Proposal not ratified.


Special Resolution 2

That the appointment of any Trustee appointed in breach of Article 15(a)(i) of the Charity's Articles of Association be ratified.

451 votes received:  68% For; 32% Against

Proposal not ratified.

The Society is consulting with the Society's legal representatives and the Charity Commission in order to clarify what steps are now required regarding the 8 defectively appointed trustees and members will be informed as soon as this is confirmed.

30th Jan 2012