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Report from Council and Committees 15th and 16th September


Council meeting report for Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th September 2014


Committee meetings, preceded by a short Council meeting, were held on 15th and 16th September.

It was with regret that the council received Anthony Booth’s resignation as a trustee. The council acknowledged the major, insightful contribution that Anthony has made during his time on council.  As chairman he inspired council to develop an outward looking strategy for the society.

After a recruitment process that saw applications from a very large field of excellent candidates, it is pleasing that Council will be soon be in a position to announce a new Secretary for the society. A new Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures policy – long overdue – is about to come to fruition in the autumn.

Peter Cooper, the society’s  IT consultant, has been working with Gary Atkinson, a member of the Society, who kindly has contributed his IT expertise in assessing the present and future IT needs of the Society. Peter Cooper gave the staff and trustees an illuminating presentation on how we can successfully build on our existing system and evolve new facilities in progressive stages. Stage 1 has started and much will emerge in time.

The final draft of the revised Judging and Showing handbook was agreed by the Judging and Showing committee for publication in 2015. This committee also finalised arrangements for the Judges’ Assessment to be held at Hartpury College next month. It was also agreed that a review of the Judges’ Assessment process and the conditions for the award of medals will be agenda items for the future.

The Finance and HR Committee report that membership and transfers are holding up well. Registrations are continuing to slide which is to be expected at this time of year. We shall, however, shortly be coming into a ‘registration’ period.  The Society continues to contain its costs to fit within its reducing income. Our investments are continuing to support us well. Reviewed proposals for a possible new members’ pavilion at RWAS are looking more sensibly priced and we are now awaiting firm quotations.

The Education and Welfare Committee have drawn up a job description for the position of an honorary Welfare Liaison officer to operate on the behalf of the society with volunteers linked into Area Associations. The Members Services committee are encouraged with feedback from about half of the Area Associations and, hopefully, over the next few weeks more Associations will respond. At that time a full evaluation will be done on what associations want and how the society can assist and facilitate. Dates have been set for short listing and interviewing for the Young Achiever and Young Ambassador positions and we hope that young people will be encouraged to apply.  The current publication ‘Conformation of Welsh Ponies and Cobs’ is having a revamp to a more modern look. It was decided that it will be included, free, in all ‘New Members’ packages along with the ‘Care and Management’ booklet as part of the Society’s education policy.

The autumn mailing, together with the magazine which David Blair has worked so hard on, is about to be sent to members. David, the staff and the publisher must be congratulated on being ahead of their own deadlines!  

19th Sep 2014