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Regulations governing the Registration of Welsh Animals sold at Sales

Vendors are reminded that any animal forward for sale must be registered and in possession of a Passport. When submitting your sale entry applications, please ensure that all applications for registration have been submitted to the Welsh Pony and Cob Society office in good time (at least six weeks prior to the sale date) so that the Passports are available prior to the day of sale. Any animal that has not been registered and does not have a Passport will not be able to attend the sale.

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society office has asked that vendors are reminded of the need to get their applications in to the office at least six weeks prior to the date of a sale. This year has seen an unprecedented amount of applications for registration arriving at the office two weeks or less prior to sale dates. It is unrealistic to expect passports to be produced in such a short timescale and places an unnecessary burden on staff who do their best to meet members expectations. Vendors must take responsibility for ensuring applications are submitted within the timescales stipulated, as noted within the DEFRA guidelines. 

It is possible to “fast track” registration applications by paying an additional £20.50 priority fee in addition to the normal registration fee, but this should not be relied upon except in exceptional circumstances.

Please can vendors also be respectful of WPCS staff and ensure that they are polite and courteous in their communications with the office at all times. We are here to help and endeavour to do so at all times, but members must also accept responsibility for submitting their applications in good time.  

Anna Prytherch, WPCS Principal Officer

3rd Oct 2013