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WPCS Probationary Judges Procedures

There are 34 Probationer Judges from the 2016 Judging Assessment Panel. As part of their progress towards becoming Panel Judges the Society has asked them to attend shows during the 2017 showing season with Panel Judges who have agreed to be on the Assessors List.
Probationer Judges have been asked to follow the procedures below:
Choice of judges with whom to Probation
- Probation with a judge listed on the Assessors List and as published on the Society website.
- Probation with a judge who did not assess the Probationer in September 2016
- Not to probation with Judges who are personal friends, members of their family, who are local to their home addresses or with whom there is a potential conflict of interest for example a person who is producing/showing a pony for the Probationary Judge.
Choice of shows at which to Probation
- Able to probation at bronze medal shows only.
- Probationers to receive the prior agreement of the Assessor and of the Show Secretary
- Probationers for the Ridden Judges’ panel cannot probation in a HOYS or RIHS
qualifying class
- Probationers are encouraged to act as a Steward for WPCS Association shows
- Probationers are requested to attend, at their own cost, the Judges Conference on the 23rd of September 2017 at Builth Wells if they have passed their probation. If still completing their allotted shows then attendance is optional. Attendance is not mandatory to pass probation.
Administrative procedures
- When arranging show attendances, in the first instance Probationary Judges should approach the Show Secretary.
- If the Show is prepared to accept the Probationary Judge, the Probationer should then approach the Assessor with whom they wish to probation. A telephone call in the first instance is acceptable, to be followed by confirmation in writing. Probationer Judges are requested to pay for any Assessor postage by providing stamped addressed envelopes.
- Probationary Judges must submit their Show Attendance Programme to the Society, at the Welsh Pony and Cob Society address, in advance, clearly marked as Probation Judge and for the attention of the Resourcing Manager
- Assessors are requested to forward the Probationer Judge report after each show to Bronaeron, at the Welsh Pony and Cob Society address, in advance, clearly marked as Probation Judge and for the attention of the Resourcing Manager.
Procedures on the day of the show
- Once Probationary Judges have been accepted by a Show they must endeavour to undertake the appointment, and notify both the Show and Assessor if unable to do so.
- A maximum of two Probationer Judges are able to be in the ring at one time, with the consent of the Assessor and the Show Secretary.
- If in the course of Probationer Judging, the Probationer finds themselves to be compromised (e.g. with a competitor who is a personal friend or with business connections) the Probationer needs to notify the Assessor and to discuss with them the potential issues. It is the Assessors decision if they feel it is appropriate for the Probationer to leave the class.
- Probationers must undertake the full range of classes with their Assessors unless they have a valid reason for not doing so (e.g. as above)
- Probationary Judges are responsible for their own transport costs and arrangements.
- All Probationary Judges are expected to provide their own insurance cover.
7th Apr 2017