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PIO status update

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society today received an email from the Welsh Assembly Government thanking it for its response to DEFRA, following the announcement of a proposal to move to a single passport issuing body. WAG confirmed that a number of issues and questions had been raised and, following legal advice, DEFRA had decided not to pursue the single PIO model proposed. It was further confirmed that the vast majority of replies received by DEFRA indicated a desire for change and the need to improve the current system, with a number of alternative proposals submitted. The DEFRA Minister of State, James Paice, announced yesterday, at the National Equine Forum, that the current NED contract would be extended by up to eighteen months whilst proposals are developed for a new project that will improve the system. WAG confirmed that the equine industry will be involved in this development work. Members will be kept informed of any further developments as soon as these are received. Anna Prytherch, Principal Officer
8th Mar 2011