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BSPS Ridden Mountain and Moorland Championships - Olympia

BSPS Ridden Mountain and Moorland Championships - Olympia

Yrallt May Day Surprise - Photograph by ES Photography

BSPS Ridden Mountain and Moorland Championships
nd December 2013.

The 40 Mountain and Moorland ponies who had qualified for the ridden championships at Olympia on 22nd December comprised of 6 Connemaras, 2 Dales, 4 Dartmoors, 1 Exmoor, 4 Fells, 1 Highland, 3 New Forest, 3 Shetlands, 3 Welsh Section A: Sarum Rembrandt, Waitwith West Wind and Mynyddtarren The Maveric, 3 Welsh Section B: Cadlanvalley Sandpiper, Carrwood Shimmering Gold and Eyarth Osprey, 6 Welsh Section C: Menai Celtic Hero, Menai Thomas, Mowcastle Mickey, Rivervalley Rhion, Sauvey Golden Condor and Yrallt May Day Surprise and 4 Welsh Section D: Llanidan Linesman, Pentrepiod The Judge, Tardebigge Lord Thomas and Morry Imary.

The ponies were judged by four judges each allocating marks out of 50, Mrs Ann Overton Ablitt and Mrs F Cameron for conformation and Mrs Jackie Beatham and Mrs J Spacey Woods for performance. The excitement for the spectators was intense as the marks from each judge were displayed on screen.

There was large disparity in the marks allocated by the two pairs of judges (over 10 marks difference for eight ponies) which was crucial when one realises that there were only 2 marks difference between the 1st and 2nd (178 and 176) and only 9 marks between the 3rd and the 10th. Examples of this were for conformation: 30 + 46 marks for Cadlanvalley Sandpiper (B) (who was overall reserve champion the previous year), 31 + 42 for Llanidan Linesman (D) and 30 + 42 for Morry Imary (D); similarly for performance, 39 + 28 for Menai Thomas (C), 41 + 30 for Morry Imary (D) and 28 + 39 for Mynyddtarren The Maverick (A).

The 2013 champion was Sandra Burton’s Connemara Fly The Last Flute (43 + 45, 45 + 45). Best Welsh (overall 5th) was the Section C Yrallt May Day Surprise (46 + 47, 38 + 29) (Selattyn Sam Thomas x Selattyn Gypsy Rose) ridden by Beth Simons who was 1st and champion over all breeds at HOYS.

Next best Welsh was Carrwood Shimmering Gold (B) (Carrwood Bronze Wing x Cennen Seraphine) ridden by Lucy Glover and they were overall 9th with marks of 36 + 37 and 42 + 41.

The Section A Best of Breed was the evergreen Waitwith West Wind (Bengad Cockscomb x Bengad Wallflower) ridden by Gemma Pallett with marks of 40 + 46 and 29 + 35. West Wind has been a great ambassador for the Welsh breeds, Champion of the Cuddy In-hand competition at HOYS in 2006, he has also been many times Working Hunter pony. The Section D Best of Breed was Llanidan Linesman (Thorneyside More Magic x Lasgrug Pride) ridden by Emma Gilbert; their marks were 31 + 42 and 39 + 42.

Dr Wynne Davies
WPCS Publicity Officer

13th Jan 2014