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North Western WPCA Easter Monday Youngstock and Ridden Show

The North Western Association Youngstock and Ridden Show was held on Easter Monday at Southview Equestrian Centre in Cheshire. Judges were Mrs N. Clayton, Section A, Mrs P. Ross, Section B, Part-Bred and Ridden classes with Mr. R. Robinson taking on the Section C and D classes. A good crowd gathered for the proceedings with many well-known and highly respected observers. Several studs were unable to bring their exhibits having had horse-boxes snowed in during the recent cold snap. Interestingly, a number of overseas bred animals were forward and several were sired by Dutch bred stallions.

The Supreme In-Hand Championship, generously sponsored by Simple System Horse Feeds went to the in-form two year old colt Llwfo Ianto. Ianto, the reigning Royal Welsh Winter Fair Supreme Champion is produced by Colin Tibbey and owned by his breeders, the Evans/Hughes family from Anglesey. Section B Champion, also a 2012 Royal Welsh winner was the Mansfield family's home-bred and produced two year old filly Janpete Golden Felicity. Section C honours went to yearling colt Gwyllan Crusader owned and bred by David and Anita Heys. Crusader is sired by the 2009 Royal Welsh yearling colt winner Harriswood Bobby Dazzler. The Section D Championship went to Mr & Mrs P. Dening's black two year old colt Danaway Black-Jacks, son of Royal Welsh Champion Danaway Flash Jack. The Reserve Supreme In-Hand Championship went to Part-Bred Champion,  the beautifully produced two year old colt Crimson Code of Conduct owned by J. Palmer.

The ridden classes brought out some well-known winners including past HOYS qualifiers as well as the novices for an early start. The Mini Championship went to the first ridden Cadlan Valley Goldilocks from the Andrews Family with Reserve to the lead rein, C. Hayton's Weston Gold Lace. Overall Ridden Champion went to the Section B ex-Cuddy Champion Moelgarnedd Derwyn owned by the Lynes Family and produced by Katie Brown. The Reserve Championship went to Section D Morry Imari, a home-bred six year old mare owned by the Steeples Family of Ashbourne.


Supreme In-hand Champion, Section A Llwyfo Ianto


Champion Section B Janpete Golden Felicity



Champion Section C Gwyllan Crusader



Champion Section D Danaway Black-Jacks



Champion Welsh Part-Bred Crimson Code of Conduct



Mini Champion and Reserve: Cadlanvalley Goldilocks and Weston Gold Lace



Photo courtesy
Ridden Champion Moelgarnedd Derwyn



Mrs P. Ross (B's, Part-Bred and Ridden) presenting the first prize to Section B yearling filly winner Bronheulog Hattie.



Section A

Mrs N Clayton
Yearling Filly or Gelding

1 & Reserve Thistledown Jess Ennis Ex Mr S Anderson
2 Sarum Reflection Ex Mr & Mrs D J Waller
3 Brynseion Rhianna Rose Ex Mrs C Fell
4 Danarth Diamond Jubilee Ex R Oversby

Yearling Colt
1 Penech Romeo Ex B Thompson & J Groom
2 Withymead Pernod Ex Mrs R Mackenzie
3 Twrog Taran Ex Mrs Bartley-Forsyth
4 Immybrook Showman Ex A Sheldon

Two year old Filly or Gelding
1 Pinewell Bliss Ex Mrs A Higgins
2 Hengwys Cadi Ex Mrs L Hexham

Two year old Colt
1 & Champion & Supreme Llwyfo Ianto Ex Mrs E Hughes & Mrs S Evans
2 Brohelegen Augustus Ex Mrs C Pygott
3 Castlemead Flash Gordon Ex A Brough

Three year old Filly or Gelding
1 Withymead Pippa Ex Mrs R Mackenzie
2 Rengrove Georgie Girl Ex M Gardiner
3 Sarum Rosie May Ex Mr S Franklin

Three year old Colt
1 Tamevalley Tigga Ex L Hampson
2 Thistledown Lord of the Flies Ex Mr S Anderson
3 Salstas Mountain Mint Ex Baroness Rudbeck
4 Dargale Alfred the Great Ex Mrs Jefferies

Section B
Mrs P K Ross
Yearling Filly or Gelding

1 Bronheulog Hattie Ex Mrs R M Andrew
2 Doylan Oh So Sweet Ex Mrs L Heery

Yearling Colt
1 & Reserve Rotherwood Top Notch Ex Mrs K Howarth
2 Janpete Del Boy Ex Mrs J Mansfield
3 Coriolan De L’aurore Ex P Ratcliffe
4 Gorawen Becker

Two year old Filly or Gelding
1 Kallared Wind Rose Ex P Ratcliffe

Two year old Colt
1 Bronheulog Peter Pan Ex Mrs R M Andrew
2 Janpete Tom Thumb Ex J Mansfield

Three year old Filly or Gelding
1 & Champion Janpete Golden Felicity Ex J Mansfield
2 Strands Gala Ex A Brough

Three year old Colt
1 Menai Silwyn Ex R Butler

Section C 
Mr R Robinson
Yearling Filly or Gelding

1 Rhyd Ddu Jessica Ex Mr & Mrs P Dening
2 Bluehaven Drucilla Ex Costello Family
3 Velion Efa Ex Mrs V Williams Griffiths

Yearling Colt
1 & Champion Gwyllan Crusader Ex A & D Heys
2 Oldash Maximus Ex A Oldroyd

Two year old Filly or Gelding
1 Parc Gweniera Ex A Brough
2 Newgap Tiger Lilly Ex J Welsh

Two year old Colt

Three year old Filly or Gelding
1 Glynwyn Little Miss Treasure Ex L Hampson
2 Popsters Glamorise Ex M Edmond
3 Tyngwndwn Rhodri Ex S Barr

Three year old Colt
1 & Reserve Cargarsar Silver Phantom Ex Mr & Mrs D J Waller

Section D 
Mr R Robinson
Yearling Filly or Gelding

1 & Reserve Fourways Ebony Ex J Heywood
2 Glynllan Lily May Ex N Lewis
3 Acresdale Lexi Grey Ex C Connor
4 Brynfa Dynamite Ex Miss J Townsend

Yearling Colt
1 Mountain Hare Tom Jones Ex M Catteral

Two year old Filly or Gelding

Two year old Colt

Three year old Filly or Gelding
1 London Mr Wise Guy Ex K Hill

Three year old Colt
1 & Champion Danaway Black Jacks Ex Mrs & Mrs P Dening

Welsh Part Bred
Mrs P K Ross
Yearling Colt, Filly or Gelding


Two or three year old Colt, Filly or Gelding
1 & Champion & Reserve Supreme Crimson Code of Conduct Ex J Palmer
2 & Reserve Sulan Picasso Ex S Brown

Ridden Classes
Mrs P K Ross
Novice A, B & P/B not exceeding 13.2

1 Karadam Ruby Tuesday Ex Mr & Mrs Fletcher
2 Weston Gold Lace Ex Clair Hyton
3 Crimson Defence of the Realm Ex E Howard
4 Mosswood Beau Jangles Ex C J Wood

Novice C, D & P/B exceeding 13.2
1 Burghwallis Bottocelli Ex L Dickinson
2 Mycathily Touch of Class A Meehan
3 Reifal Ace of Hearts Ex R Mason
4 Dylasau Merrerid Ex S Harrision

Lead Rein
1 & Reserve Weston Gold Lace Ex C Hayton
2 Julmar Graceful Ex Z Simpson
3 Lacy Dodon Ex S Cornwall
4 Legerview Ladiesman Ex S Meachin

First Ridden
1 & Champion Cadlan Valley Goldilocks Ex R M Andrew
2 Heniarth Shenanigan Ex Mrs E Milner
3 Garnant Esyllt Ex C Hayton

Section A
1 Brynrodyn Darius Ex Mrs E Darbyshire
2 Caerhosyn Ennillwr Ex K Brown
3 Lacy Lewis Ex L Scott
4 Mosswood Beau Jangles Ex C J Wood

Section B
1 & Champion Moelgarnedd Derwyn Ex K Brown
2 Griashall Greig Ex C Hayton
3 Anri Pepper Pot Ex R Orr
4 Bronheulog Silas Ex R M Andrew

Welsh Part Bred
1 Crimson Defence of the Realm Ex E Howard
2 Nantllesg Emyr Ex V Johnson

Section C
1 Rhoswen Rachel Ex K Grecian
2 Burghwallis Botticelli Ex L Dickinson

Section D
1 & Reserve Morry Imari Ex P Steeples
2 Powysvalley Minstrel Ex R Butler
3 Eldrick Rocco Ex Bev Neal
4 Ellington Uncle Joe Ex R Pearson

16th Apr 2013