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New Trustees Elected to Council

The Society Annual General Meeting took place on Saturday 28th March 2015, with Mr D.R. Harris being elected as President and Mrs E.R. French elected as President Elect.  

The five new trustees elected to the Council are:

Mr J.E. Evans,
Mr E.P.J. Gummery,
Mr T.G. Hughes,
Mr J.P. Parry
and Mr C. Thomas. 

Following the AGM a Council meeting was held, where Council elected Mr T.G. Hughes as Chair of Council and Mr J.T. Kirk as Vice Chair of Council and Mr S.F. Franklin as the Chair of Finance & HR.   

A meeting to agree a strategy will take place on the 20th of April at Birmingham, and an induction and training day will be held on the 6th May followed by the first routine Council meeting on the 7th of May at Cardiff where Council will elect their standing committee members.

We would like to thank the retiring President Mrs Mary Redvers, and the retiring trustees for their hard work and support during their time on Council.

30th Mar 2015