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Mentoring Scheme

The Society recognises that education plays a key role within its charitable status. It also acknowledges the very important place the show ring occupies not only in terms of competition but also in the continuing development of the breed.

Addressing both issues a new mentoring scheme will be introduced for the 2016 season. This will be aimed primarily at those wishing to gain experience in preparation for a future assessment. The mentoring scheme will also provide an ideal opportunity for Young Judges (current competition restricted to 21 years of age) to gain further experience and therefore filling a gap until Young Judges are eligible for assessment for the WPCS Panel of Judges.

The mentoring experience should allow potential judges taking part not only to gain expertise of judging but also experience of working with stewards, procedures, ring layout, etc. It should be stressed that mentoring is about gaining experience and not about being assessed. Above all it must be a positive experience for all concerned and conducted within structured guidelines.

When a candidate applies to attend a Future Judges’ Assessment all ‘mentor reports’ should be attached. However, mentoring is not a process simply about collecting reports but should be seen as a facility for genuine learning and gaining of experience for all with an interest of becoming a future judge.

Candidate’s Guidelines

At all times confidentiality must be respected. Any breaches will result in immediate withdrawal from the scheme and jeopardise the candidate’s future application to the WPCS Panel of Judges.

Candidates must be members of WPCS and aged over twenty one years of age.

Candidates must complete an application form (available to download from WPCS website.) Completed forms should be returned to WPCS Office. This will include list of shows (maximum 3 per season) nominated by the candidate.

Report sheets will be issued to all candidates accepted into the scheme. Candidates should approach judges they wish to accompany to gain their permission. When agreement is given candidates should approach the nominated show for permission making sure that the show organisers fully understand that it is a mentoring role and not a probationary one.  Candidates will provide the judge at each show with a report sheet to complete. It is the candidate’s responsibility to send the signed report to WPCS Office and retain a copy for their reference.

Judge’s Guidelines

When approached judges should reply to the candidate as soon as possible. Most judges will feel comfortable to take a candidate however it is not incumbent on any judge to do so therefore a polite refusal requires no reason.

Mentoring is not an assessment. All potential judges will be assessed on an Assessment Day and if successful when undertaking probationary judging. The report sheet has been designed to record his/her attendance but also provide direction towards future development. Judges are encouraged to be generous in their comments as to the candidate’s future needs.

Following judging, judges should complete the official WPCS report form through discussion with the candidate.

N.B. It is the candidate’s responsibility to provide the report sheet on the day and also send the completed sheet to WPCS Office.

Affiliated Shows

All affiliated shows will have details of the scheme within the affiliation pack. Some shows may consider that having a person attending with a judge may not be convenient perhaps due to a full timetable and this will be respected. Hopefully most will be in a position to welcome those on the mentoring scheme.

WPCS Mentoring Application Form

10th Dec 2015