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IMPORTANT INFORMATION on MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS and attendance at AGM, plus eligibility to vote on Council Elections

There has been a lot of confusion regarding memberships and the issuing of voting slips for the forthcoming Council Elections, which I will seek to clarify. 

A question has arisen as to why 2011 members have received voting papers (plus the magazine).  I refer you to Article 4 a) iii where you will note that it confirms that membership is terminated if “any sum due from the Member to the Charity is not paid in full within two months of it falling due unless the Council agree otherwise”.  Members who paid their 2011 subscriptions do not therefore have their membership “terminated” until the 29th February 2012 (annual membership applies up to 31stDecember; 29th Feb. 2012 is 2 months from 31st Dec. 2011). As such, 2011 members were entitled to receive voting papers and other membership documents up until 29th February 2012, albeit that the journal and membership card are only issued to fully paid up members.  The Scrutineers receive an up-to-date list of all Society members and check each voting slip against this list before accepting a vote at the elections.  Duplicate votes, invalid votes and votes from non-members are disregarded. 

A further complication has arisen as a result of the recent EGM whereby 8 trustees had to vacate their post and the Society no longer has a properly constituted board, in that no new members have been able to be approved by Council since its last meeting held on 5th December 2011.  Any new applications for membership since this date are yet to be approved and therefore these people cannot vote or attend the AGM.

Furthermore, if previously-approved 2011 members renew their memberships later than today (29th Feb. 2012), they will likewise not be able to vote or attend AGM, since there is currently no Council to approve their "new" applications for memberships.  If they renew up to and including today, their membership is considered to be continuous and therefore a new application is not required.  If they renew from 1st March 2012 on, this will be treated as a new membership application. Article 2 of the Society's Articles of Association confirms that membership is open to individuals who apply to the Charity in the form required by Council AND are approved by the Council.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ANY 2011 MEMBER WHO HAS NOT YET RENEWED THEIR MEMBERSHIP FOR 2012 DOES SO TODAY if they wish to vote for the Council Elections and / or attend the AGM and retain other membership rights.  Membership can be paid on-line here.

If you have any queries regarding your membership, voting at the Council Elections or any other associated matter, please do not hesitate to get in contact. 

Anna L. Prytherch
Principal Officer & Secretary / Prif Swyddog & Ysgrifennyddes


29th Feb 2012