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Mailshot to WPCS Members

The mailing of the 2012 journal and other enclosures was sent out over a 5 day period (started 23rd Feb. 2012), hence why some people received theirs before others. They were not sent alphabetically but by mailsort, based on postcode. It is a mystery how some arrive at the same address earlier than others! 2012 members are sent first (UK & overseas), then 2011. 2011 members who have not renewed their membership for 2012 are still entitled to receive voting slips (votes will only count if they pay their 2012 membership fee by 29th Feb. 2012) and receive Society accounts and magazine, but will not receive a 2012 journal or membership card.

Whilst all feedback is appreciated, it would be particularly useful to receive feedback on the new Society magazine, as it is a trial and membership feedback is essential to know if you like it and want to retain it or revert to the usual newsletter. Please write to the office with your comments or email them to
If you aren't a member but would like to receive a free magazine, please contact the Society via the website contact form


28th Feb 2012