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How many animals are recorded under your ownership? Print-outs available to purchase from the office.

Have you ever wondered how many animals are currently registered as being under your ownership? It often happens that animals pass away and the Society is not notified, therefore these animals remain as recorded under your ownership. In addition, when animals are sold it is the purchaser's responsibility to inform the Society of the new owner details. However, this is often overlooked and you will remain recorded as the owner. What happens if that animal then causes an accident or is involved in a welfare investigation? As registered owner, it is your details that will be supplied to the relevant authorities if the Society is approached.

It is a legal requirement that owners should notify the Society within 30 days of an animal passing away and the animal's passport should be returned to the office. If you wish to retain the passport for sentimental reasons (it will be marked and cut), then it can be returned to yourself for the postage fee (£3.50).

It is also a requirement to notify the Society of any transfers of ownership, with the purchaser responsible for doing this. To help members retain their own records of transfers of ownership, the Society is in the process of producing a duplicate book that can record any transfers, with the top copy to be given to the purchaser and the bottom copy to be retained by the vendor. These books will be available for purchase in the next few weeks.

In both cases, failure to notify the Society can result in a fine of up to £5,000 (the fine is levied by the relevant authorities, not the Society).

If you want to check how many animals are currently recorded in your ownership, please send in payment of £10.50 and we can produce a list for you so that you can check the validity of it and notify us of any deceased animals and chase up people who have purchased animals from you to send the Passport to the office for the transfer to be recorded (£12.50 fee applies).

7th Jun 2013