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Lampeter Stallion Show 2012

Lampeter Stallion Show
Llanllyr, Talsarn
21stApril 2012

President of the Lampeter Welsh Stallion Show was Mr Len Bigley, Llanarth Stud, who was an original committee member at the first Show in 1962 and has had many successes here over the intervening years.

It is always the prerogative at Lampeter that the Show’s President selects the final awards and his choice for the £100 supreme was the three-year-old section D filly Bryncadno Heledd handled by award-winning farrier Dorian Lloyd for her owners Meirion, Dianne and Caleb Evans of the Gwynfaes Stud, Cynwyl Elfed, Carmarthen. Heledd is sired by the Evans’ Gwynfaes Culhwch, the Prince of Wales cup winner at the 2002 Royal Welsh Show and top of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society sire ratings for the last five years. Heledd was bred by Mrs Jane Woolman of Broadhaven, Haverfordwest who is a great admirer of Culhwch and has used him on her mares for many years. When Heledd’s dam Lodor Ffeind re-visited Culhwch in 2009, Dianne was very impressed with the foal Heledd and bought her as a 50th birthday present for Meirion. Heledd also captured the Steffan cup for the best overall filly and the Ceredigion cup for the overall youngstock champion.

Section C’s and D’s featured prominently in the supreme awards, the overall yearling award going to Meurig Thomas’ home-bred section D yearling filly Cruglwyd Evita, who had won her class of 52 entries. Winner of the section D yearling colt class from 30 entries was Perthog Sir Terry who had travelled all the way from Aberdeen. The overall colt award went to Fronarth Stud’s section C yearling colt Fronarth Rossi a full-brother to their Fronarth Robben, three-times unbeaten Royal Welsh champion from 2007-2009.

The highlight of this Show is always the classes for Welsh cob stallions and, after 50 years of awarding stallion premiums to section D stallions divided into North, Mid and South Wales, this year the division was into junior stallions 4 to 7 years and seniors of 8 years old or over. Winner of the senior class with judge Mrs Julie Evans and reserve to Heledd for the section championship was Avonvalley Great Briton handled by Jack Bowerman for his owner Mickey Morris of Brynmawr, Gwent.

Section C champion with judge Mr Geraint Davies and reserve to Heledd for the overall supreme was the eight-year-old stallion Donys Highwayman owned and bred by John and Jackie Kirk of the Donys Stud, Builth Welsh. Highwayman is sired by their Donys Llawen who won twice as many sire rating points as any other at last year’s Royal Welsh Show. The junior stallion winner Moorcroft The Master produced by Justin Walters for Rob Howard of Marlow and champion here in 2010 was reserve to Highwayman. Amongst the prizewinners were entries owned by Henrie Leeuwenhaag and the van Beek family from Holland and Ilona Pykalainen of Finland.

Mr Francis Goggin, judge of the section A’s has judged the Hill Pony Premium stallions at Glanusk for the last two years and his main awards went to ponies bred under the Hill Pony scheme. His champion was the stallion Moorcock Vesper owned by Kevin and Christopher Davies of the Eppynt Stud and sired by Eppynt Valmet, the youngstock champion was the three-year-old colt Talgarth Taylor owned and bred by Adrian and Esther Jenkins of the Llynyfan, Gwynfe Association, the reserve was the three-year-old filly Penymorfa Penny owned and bred by Mr and Mrs Simon Williams of the Gower Association and the best filly was Glyn Greenow and family’s palomino yearling Blaenau Verly sired by their Blaenau Vipin who was reserve champion Premium stallion last year to run out on the Breconshire Black Mountains.

Champion of section B with judge Mr Alwyn Waters was Eddie and Mark Tamplin’s fifteen-year-old stallion Griashall Kiwi; since winning the Royal Welsh championship as a two-year-old Kiwi has stood at various Studs and produced consistent winners. The two-year-old colt Zonneweide Royal Lustre, reserve supreme at last year’s Royal Welsh Winter Fair, was reserve champion and has been recently sold by his breeder Peter de Rade to Mandy Jones of the Melau Stud, Rhydymain, Dolgellau. The best filly was the two-year-old home-bred Carrwood Summertime owned by Karen Cheetham of Macclesfield, Cheshire.

The ridden classes were divided into the open classes judged by Mrs Lorraine Partridge of the Rosedale Stud, Cwmbran and the NPS/Micor Demolition qualifying classes for the NPS Summer Championships judged by WPCS Immediate past-President Mrs Kathleen James of the Highland Stud, Uckfield, Sussex. Mrs Partridge’s champion was the Reed family’s former Royal Welsh ridden champion Nebo Julie Ann with Leslie Hillard’s lead-rein Gryngallt Picture Frame reserve; Mrs James’ champion was Gryngallt Picture Frame with the ridden cob Debbie Baker’s Thorneyside Suvivor reserve and the supreme with both judges officiating was Gryngallt Picture Frame with Mr and Mrs Stewart Pearce-Morgan’s NPS lead-rein winner Windmill Jewel reserve.

Nine of the eleven harness entries were from Berkshire, Essex and Kent; the 2010 winner Kent-based Thorneyside The Intruder returned to win the class judged by Mr Joe Giles of the Leyeswick Stud.

Report by Dr Wynne Davies.


Welsh Section A

Yearling Colt.
1, Davies Bros’ Brynseion Calvados;
2, R Williams’ Dargale Valour;
3, B White’s Hawksworth Nutcracker.

Yearling Filly.
1, G.Greenow’s Blaenau Verly;
2, J.W & S.A Lloyd’s Llanfilo Chelsea;
3, Mrs A. L. Broomhall's Elcon Model Mika

2 Year Old Colt.
1, Edwards’ Fronbach Warrior;
2, S.L. Mason’s Trehwfa Banderas;
3, G.Greenhow’s Blaenau Vishap.

2 Year Old Filly.
1, A.Yarnold Wright’s Doddenhill Honey Bee;
2, R.E.Williams’ Carno Phoebe;
3, S.L.Mason’s Gemstone Melody.

3 Year Old Colt.
1, G.A.I&E.I Jenkins’ Talgarth Taylor;
2, Mrs A. L. Broomhall’s Pentrefelin Playtime;
3, T.Wall’s Baledon Sea Admiral.

3 Year Old Filly.
1, S.William’s Penymorfa Penny;
2, S.Morgan’s Moorcock Zoe;
3, G. Price’s Littlewern Hova.

Stallion Over 4 Year Old.
1, Davies Bros’ Moorcock Vesper;
2, C.Fell’s Llwynan Llewelyn;
3, B.A.Green’s Ruperra Challenger.

Youngstock Champion - Talgarth Taylor
Reserve - Penymorfa Penny
Best Yearling - Brynseion Calvados
Best Colt - Talgarth Taylor
Best Filly - Blaenau Verly
Overall Champion - Moorcock Vesper
Reserve - Talgarth Taylor

Welsh Section B

Yearling Colt.
1, Mrs B. & Miss L. Hadley’s Lorelai Carry Grant;
2, D&G.A.Jones’ Waxwing Glimmer;
3, Cadlanvalley Studs’ Penwood Magician.

Yearling Filly.
1, R.M. Andrew’s Bronheulog Grace;
2, Cadlanvalley Studs’ Cadlanvalley Dominique;
3, L.B.Hillard’s Gryngallt Playsome Again.

2 Year Old Colt.
1, M.Jones’ Zonneweide Royal Lustre;
2, Mrs L. Wilson’s Paddock Rio;
3, Rockbury Studs’ Cadlanvalley Bentley.

2 Year Old Filly.
1, K.Cheetham’s Carrwood Summertime;
2, D&G.A.Jones’ Fairywood Delilah;
3, Miss S. R. Noble’s Crookbank Pandora.

3 Year Old Colt.
1, P&J Russell’s Bryngwennol Royal Tribune;
2, S. R. Noble & S. L. Bramwell’s Cadlanvalley Consort.

3 Year Old Filly.
1, D.G.Morgan’s Telynau Gwenfair;
2, H.Brockbank’s Rhoshill Nickeeta;
3, F.Livermoore’s Doylan Golden Treacle.

Stallion Over 4 Year Old.
1, C.E.R.&M.E.W Tamplin’s Griashall Kiwi;
2, Miller & Davies’ Heniarth Wood-Wind;
3, I.Morgan’s Tynymor Harry Hoodini

Youngstock Champion - Zonneweide Royal Lustre ;
Reserve – not listed
Best Yearling - Lorelai Carry Grant
Best Colt - Zonneweide Royal Lustre
Best Filly - Carrwood Summertime
Overall Champion - C.E.R.&M.E.W Tamplin’s Griashall Kiwi
Reserve - Zonneweide Royal Lustre

Welsh Section C

Yearling Colt.
1 Jones’ Fronarth Rossi;
2, G.L.Paxford’s Cloigen Campari;
3, A. Edwards’ Llamri Llwynogyn.

Yearling Filly.
1, J. Elgan Evans Eglwysfach Roxy;
2, J.A & J.G Batt’s Abergavenny Hetti;
3, Menai Stud’s Menai Curiosa.

2 Year Old Colt.
1, Fuller & Chapman’s Moorcroft Master Tom;
2, G.O.Willimas’ Carless High Noon;
3, J.Jones’ Little Beacon Rockefella.

2 Year Old Filly.
1, C.Pearce-Morgans’ Blaencila Almond;
2, D.H. Jenkins Brohedydd Princess Royal;
3, P.M.Dennings’ Gwilymparc Hanna.

3 Year Old Colt.
1, J K Walters’ Donys General Jack;
2, Cobley’s Caebryn Endeavour;
3, J.Cressingham’s Abergavenny Darcy.

3 Year Old Filly.
1 D.H. Jenkins’ Brohedydd Flashy Lady;
2, C.Fells’ Brynseion Gwendolena;
3, P.Hussey’s Dabernon Lilley Allen.

Stallion 4-7 Year Old
1, J K Walters’ Moorcroft The Master;
2, S.Charlton’s Tyreos Aragorn;
3, Reed’s Tyngwndwn Lion King;

Stallion Over 8 Year Old.
1 J.Kirk’s Donys Highwayman;
2, Nebo Stud’s Nebo Bouncing Rocket;
3, J.Bowerman’s Llanweneth Flash Jack.

Youngstock Champion - Fronarth Rossi;
Reserve - Brohedydd Flashy Lady
Best Yearling - Fronarth Rossi
Best Colt - Fronarth Rossi
Best Filly - Brohedydd Flashy Lady
Overall Champion - Donys Highwayman
Reserve - Moorcroft The Master

Welsh Cob Section D

Yearling Colt.
1, G Ingram’s Perthog Sir Terry;
2, Jones’ Fronarth Magic Man;
3, Menai Stud’s Menai Castaway.

Yearling Filly.
1, D Meurig Thomas’s Cruglwyd Evita;
2, C-J Merrick’s Brynithion Miss Maple;
3, D Roberts’ Heolas Seren Y Pasg

2 Year Old Colt.
1, Harper & Downings’ Murrayhall Cadfael Arbennig;
2, S&C Coopers’ Trevallion Johnny;
3, S Watts’ Tremele Watts Up.

2 Year Old Filly.
1, Chapman Family Coppathorne Sweet Rosalie;
2, G Griffiths’ Dyffryngwy Myfanwy;
3, M Bufton’s Menai Fancy Dancer.

3 Year Old Colt.
1, J Gray’s Thorneyside The High Flyer;
2, A Thomas’ Caederwen Saracen;
3, Godebog Stud’s Fronarth Pele.

3 Year Old Filly
1, M,D&C Evans Bryncadno Heledd;
2, J.Lloyd & sons Geler Lotti;
3, MA Swistun Llanmorlais Star Princess.

Stallion 4-7 Year Old.
1, T.E.G&M.E.L Jones’ Deytheur Mr Terry;
2, J Bowerman’s Danaway Scrumpy Jack;
3, G Paxford& D.P&M.A Jones’ Menai The Creditor.

Stallion Over 8 Year Old.
1 M Morris’ Avonvalley Great Briton;
2, D.O.Roberts’ Powysvalley Monteray;
3, D.C Edwards’ Abercippyn Victors Last.

Youngstock Champion - Bryncadno Heledd
Reserve - Thorneyside The High Flyer
Best Yearling - Cruglwyd Evita
Best Colt - Thorneyside The High Flyer
Best Filly - Bryncadno Heledd
Overall Champion - Bryncadno Heledd
Reserve - Avonvalley Great Briton


Lead Rein.
1,L.Hillard’s Gryngallt Picture Frame;
2 C.Pearce Morgan’s Windmill Jewel;
3, Cadlanvalley Stud’s Finglebridge Funtime.

First Ridden.
1, R.E.Williams’ Rockbury Remedy;
2, P.Faulkner’s Pendock Partytime;
3, M.Ellis-Jones’ Doylan Cream Puff.

Ridden Section A.
1, I. Latter’s Powys Sprite;
2, M.Marshalsay’s Heniarth Yeats;
3, S. F. Franklin’s Springbourne Envoy.

Ridden Section B.
1, J. H. Owen's Trefriw Tomkin;
2, I.Morgan’s Tynymor Harry Hoodini;
3, P&J Russell’s Moelview Chester.

Ridden Section C.
1, R.Evan’s Gornoeth Mr Humphreys;
2, J.Breese’s Washingpool Llywelyn;
3, N.Bond’s Gweunydd Ceidiog.

Ridden Section D.
1,Reed’s Nebo Julie Ann;
2, D&D Baker’s Thorneyside Survivor;
3, C.Lewis’ Kilgour Hebog.

Ridden Novice A or B.
1, Trefriw Tomkin;
2, Tynymor Harry Hoodini;
3, M.Marshalsay’s Moelview Prince Charming.

Ridden Novice C or D.
1, H.Probert’s Llanveynoe Goldilocks Vox;
2, Thorneyside Survivor;
3, A.Patterson’s Penybrenin Rosie Joy.

NPS M&M First Ridden.
1, Doylan Cream Puff;
2, Cadlanvalley Stud’s Colne Tulip;
3, R.E.Williams’ Rockbury Remedy.

NPS M&M Lead Rein.
1, Windmill Jewel;
2, Finglebridge Funtime;
3, Gryngallt Picture Frame.

NPS M&M Section A & B.
1, M.Ellis-Jones Melau Morroco;
2, I.Latter’s Blaenpentre Silver Coin;
3, S.Bonner’s Stoak Vixen.

NPS M&M Section C & D.
1, Thorneyside Survivor;
2, G.Roger’s Ddeusant Diamond Edge;
3, A.J.Davies’ Nebo Danzy Jones.

Overall Ridden Welsh - Reed’s Nebo Julie Ann
Reserve - Gryngallt Picture Frame
Mini Champion - Gryngallt Picture Frame
Reserve - Windmill Jewel
NPS Champion - Gryngallt Picture Frame
Reserve - Thorneyside Survivor
Supreme Ridden – Gryngallt Picture Frame
Reserve - Windmill Jewel

1, W.Hawkins’ Thorneyside The Intruder;
2, S.Watts’ Trixies Princess Eirwen;
3, W.Hawkins’ Brightside Sahara Dune.



25th Apr 2012