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Clarification of matters deemed to be Confidential

There has been some debate about trustee "confidentiality" and the subjects that trustees are asked to refrain from debating or disclosing outside Council. 

For clarity, "confidential" items only refer to human resource matters, complaints, disciplinaries, welfare issues and commercially or data sensitive matters.  Members will appreciate the need to ensure that such matters are dealt with in a professional and confidential manner and that it would be inappropriate to openly discuss these issues.

If any member has a query relating to Council or governance issues, or wishes for clarification on Society matters/business, please can they contact the Society's Principal Officer. 

Internet Forum Retraction 1

Information recently posted on an internet forum is misleading and inappropriate.

The Society Council has not and does not “issue disciplinaries”.

The Society has however received a number of complaints in recent months about a variety of issues at a time when it was not a validly constituted board and thus not empowered to deal with them

The new Council resolved at its first meeting to deal with these complaints initially in accordance with the Society's disciplinary and complaints procedures as appropriate (for details click here) and that in order that there should be no question of any conflicts of interest or favouritism, they should be dealt with by external panels of independent professionals, rather than Council members.

The Society stands by the principle of natural justice in that anyone is innocent until proven guilty and therefore requires that details of complaints remain confidential until fully dealt with in the prescribed manner in order to ensure that the position of all involved parties is not compromised or prejudiced

Only details of complaints that are upheld by the Society will be made known to the membership on conclusion of the complaints and disciplinary procedures. 


2nd May 2012