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Internet Forum Retraction

Following recent misleading and factually incorrect postings by persons using pseudonyms on an internet forum, the Society makes the following clarifications:

  • There is no current proposal to raise annual membership fees and these remain at £30.50 for 2013.
  • The new Society magazine (Welsh Pony and Cob Society News) has been produced in conjunction with Redpin publishers and the Society's contribution for the two issues to date has been 35 pence per copy.
  • A figure of £56,000 has been misquoted as the cost of the magazine. This figure virtually corresponds with the production cost of the Journal in 2012, which in the past has been exceeded by the advertising income. However, in the past 2 years this income has fallen below the production costs due to a distinct reduction in the amount of advertising placed.
  • At a Special Council Meeting held on the 3rd September 2012, Council accepted with regret the resignation of Mr.Roderick Rees as a Trustee of the Society.
  • There have recently been a number of hearings under the Society's Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures (details of these Policies and Procedures are available here). There have been no court cases.
  • Contrary to postings on other sites and rumours, Mr. David Blair is and remains the WPCS Journal Editor.
  • Due to certain health problems, Mr. Nigel Burton has decided to resign as Vice-Chair of Council although he remains a Trustee and Member of Council. Nominations for his replacement as Vice-Chair of Council  are currently being sought from trustees, which will be followed by an election, with the result being announced at the Council meeting scheduled for 12thOctober 2012. 
20th Sep 2012