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HOYS 2015 Qualifiers

HOYS 2015 Qualifiers

Good luck to everyone competing at the Horse of the Year Show 2015.

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society has a stand near the Caldene Arena (Stand 04C) with a wide range of new stock, so please come and visit.

If you have qualified and would like a photograph displayed here, please email the Welsh Pony and Cob Society including the details of the show and photo credit.

NPS/Baileys Horse Feeds M&M Ridden Pony of the Year

M&M Ridden Pony of the Year Section A B C D
NPS Spring Festival Broekland Alessandro Moelview Prince Consort Menai Celtic-Hero Penstrumbly Stone Roses
The Showing Register Spring Powys NL Sprite Pendock Silver Penny Glebedale Ding Dong Tresiaur Quick Step
Midland Counties Sarum Rembrandt Cadlanvalley Sandpiper Fourjoys Flash Robin Wishaw Red Rosie
South of England Colne Typhoon (1st Broekland Alessandro) Moelview Chieftain Rivervalley Flash Jack Swchyrhafod Brenin
Royal Three Counties Colne Taboo Monalaw Malcolm (1st Cadlanvalley Sandpiper) Popsters Movie Star Pantydwr Mister Nice Guy
Derbyshire Festival Crumpwell Harry Potter Eyarth Osprey Tyreos Casanova Rhydypandy Cymro Jack
Royal Highland Stonedge Comet  Cadlanvalley Bentley Menai Celtic Warrior  Yswain Ameranthus 
Cheshire County Sunwillow Kinglake Littlebyrom Harry Potter Menai Thomas Foryd Daniel
Lincolnshire Criccieth Icon Laithehill Jazz Glynwyn The Living Daylights Ballynacoy Prince (1st - Swchyrhafod Brenin)
Northleach Plasderw Nathanial  Scafton Hubble  Popsters Roulette (1st Popsters Movie Star) Renvarg The Mystic
Royal Norfolk Wintersend Nimbus Cadlanvalley Buzby Cwmythan Easter Express Trefforest Versace
NCPA Staffs Country Festival Thistledown Lakewood Jula Peace Keeper Washingpool Llywelyn Daichristu Flying High 
North of England Friars All Gold Carrwood Shimmering Gold Cargarsar Silver Phantom  Taffechan Miss Moneypenny
NPS Area 25 Summer Pantycoed Silver Charm Northlight Coppellia Menai Radium Brynseion Bendigo
Great Yorkshire Cheshmere Coral
(1st Plasderw Nathanial)
Milford Fair Breeze Cwmmadoc Neifion
(1st Glebedale Ding Dong)
Nantymynydd Briallen
(1st Taffechan Miss Moneypenny)
TSR Summer Chetwynd Jasper  Waxwing Prince Hal Popsters Bootylicious Ringside Game Over
Royal Welsh
Brynrodyn Darius
(1st Powys NL Sprite)
Janpete Golden Felicity
(1st Northlight Coppellia)
Coedfedw Sandstorm Menai Cosmopolitan 
New Forest and Hampshire County Cwmmeudwy Calonnog
(1st Wintersend Nimbus)
Llanarth Shelley Popsters Glamorize Saith Magical Ginger
NPS Summer Championship Heniarth Quinnell Cottrell Leonardo Rivervalley Reaction Soden Gwynfor
National Welsh Championship Beacons Chip
(1st Criccieth Icon)
Linksbury Miss Polly Popsters Tommy Cockles Abergavenny Valmai
Stoneleigh Horse  Uphill Freddie Fox Moelview Prince Charming Mowcastle Mickey Dyffryngwy Sir Picasso
Denbigh & Flint  Colne Torpedo  Hilin Tahiti  Perrygrove Theseus Foxhillfarm Golden Velvet 
Monmouthshire  Uphill James Fox Holyoake Angel Delight Pentrefelin Bodecia
(1st Popsters Movie Star)
Cefnbangor Rob Roy
Moreton-In-Marsh Agricultural & Horse Colne Tulip Pumlon Jono Rivervalley Roger Nantymynydd Ysbryd


Fourjoys Flash Robin
Photograph by Kate Waite



Wishaw Red Rosie
Photograph by Equinepix



Pantydwr Mr Nice Guy



Glebedale Ding Dong
Photograph by Alison Walker



Cadlanvalley Bentley - Photograph by Sinclair photography 



Yswain Ameranthus
Photograph by Martin Wayman



Sunwillow King Lake
Photograph by Equinational



Littlebyrom Harry Potter
Photograph by Equinational



Menai Thomas
Photograph by Equinational



Criccieth Icon - Photograph by Equipics Equestrian Photography



Daichristu Flying High



Taffechan Miss Moneypenny




Beacons Chip - Photograph by EquinePix Photography



Linksbury Miss Polly - Photograph by EquinePix Photography



Popsters Tommy Cockles - Photograph by Stacey Mansfield



Abergavenny Valmai - Photograph by EquinePix Photography



Colne Torpedo - Photograph by Stacey Mansfield



Holyoake Angel Delight - Photograph by In-Motion Event Photography



Pumlon Jono - Photograph by First Class Images


M&M Mini Pony of the Year - Lead Rein

The Showing Register Spring Show - Thistledown Special V.I.P
Midland Counties - Malmswood Clarissa
Royal Three Counties - Thistledown Van Der Vaart
Cheshire County - Westfirle Red Kite
Royal Norfolk - Castlemead Andy-Pandy
NPS Area 25 Summer - Mardenway Amazing Grace
TSR Summer - Thistledown Special Edition
The Scottish Horse - Woodend Marigold
New Forest and Hampshire County - Amesbury Mandalay
NPS Summer Championship - Wyedean Sinatra
Stoneleigh Horse Show - Heniarth Gloriumptious 
NPS Area 4 - Coffeepot Aryzona 


Malmswood Clarissa


M&M Mini Pony of the Year - First Ridden

The Showing Register Spring Show - Rosmarche Ribbonwood
Royal Three Counties - Littlestones Silver Lady
Royal Highland - Glebedale Mumbo Jumbo
Cheshire County - Powys(NL) Jack Flash
Hickstead Derby Meeting - Pinewell Miranda
Royal Norfolk - Waxwing Typhoon
NCPA Staffs Country Festival - Browan Terfel
NPS Area 25 Summer - Hope Ghosts Little Boy
TSR Summer - Thistledown Livius
Royal Welsh - Colne Tulip
New Forest and Hampshire County - Caridines Cut-A-Dash
NPS Summer Championship - Shamrocklake Magma Shakira
Stoneleigh Horse Show - Gigman All That Jazz
Moreton-In-Marsh Agricultural & Horse - Castlemead Andy-pandy

M&M Working Hunter Pony of the Year

Suffolk - Waitwith Westwind 
South of England - Twyford Josh (1st Waitwith Westwind)
Derbyshire Festival - Lacy Aldo
Royal Highland  - Llafar Tia 
Cheshire County - Doylan Chilli Pepper
NCPA Staffs Country Festival - Brynrodyn Darius
NPS Area 25 Summer - Penllyn Marten
New Forest and Hampshire County - Greendown Ozzy
NPS Summer Championship - Roseberry Lullaby
Stoneleigh Horse Show - Hanmere Showman
Monmouthshire - Abercriban Gaiety Girl
Moreton-In-Marsh Agricultural & Horse - Chetwynd Caspar (1st Waitwith Westwind)


Suffolk - Hollizan Hosanna 
South of England - Tynwydd Good Friday
Royal Three Counties - Glynceirch Amlyn
Derbyshire Festival - Roseberry Model Man
Lincolnshire - Menai Thomas
NCPA Staffs Country Festival - Valentine Harlequin
NPS Area 25 Summer - Stockham Secret Envoy
New Forest and Hampshire County - Synod Ieuan
Monmouthshire - Milford Fair Kommander
Moreton-In-Marsh Agricultural & Horse - Dycott Mark of Excellence


Suffolk - Peasedown Mr Muddle 

Ex 143CM

NPS Area 25 Summer - Wealdstone Duke
New Forest and Hampshire County - Penstrumbly Billy Smart
NPS Summer Championship - Oldforge The Gladiator

Underwood 133cm Working Hunter Pony of the Year

Stockham Secret Envoy

Ridden Welsh Part Bred Pony

Midland Counties - Rotherwood Rainmaker
Derbyshire Festival - Archwood Ballerina
Royal Highland Show - Litton Dancing Dawn 
Cheshire County Show - Braeglen Master Piece
TSR Summer Show - Fidra Acacia
National Welsh Championship Show - Small Land Hot Spot

Cuddy Supreme In Hand

Derbyshire Festival - Sarum Rose Petal
Royal Highland Show - Llanarth Fiery Jack
Cheshire County Show - Colne Tigerbay
Royal Welsh Show - Ceulan Calon Lan
Pembrokeshire Show - Starlands Evol

Sarum Rose Petal - Photograph by Equipics Equestrian Photography


Llanarth Fiery Jack - Photograph by Sinclair Photography




Ceulan Calon Lan - Photograph by Theo ten Brinke



5th Oct 2015