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HOYS 2014 Qualifiers

Horse of the Year Show 2014


Congratulations to the following Welsh Ponies & Cobs that have won their HOYS tickets for the M&M Ridden Pony of the Year.

If your welsh pony or cob has qualified for HOYS, please send your photo to

This page will be updated periodically.

Show Section A Section B Section C Section D
NPS Spring Festival Blisland Echo Moelview Prince Consort Glebedale Ding Dong Saith Magical Ginger
NPS Area 5 Nanfforchog Blue Romance Jula Peace Keeper Menai Thomas Larnleighs Express
TSR Spring Trevalyn Simon Cadlanvalley Sandpiper Menai Christopher Penstrumbly Stone Roses
Midland Counties Heniarth Quinnell Laithehill Jazz Rivervalley Lou-Lou Llanarth Seldom Seen
South of England Sarum Japhet Adagio De L'Aurore Popsters Lazenby Stoatleytwo Red Dragon
Derbyshire Festival Sarum Rembrandt Cadlanvalley Buzby Rivervalley Reaction Renvarg The Mystic
Three Counties Ceulan Shem Littlebyrom Harry Potter Tyreos Casanova Morry Imari
Cheshire County Cheshmere Coral Llanarth Shelley Waxwing Rheel Nebo Julie Ann
Lincolnshire County Rosmarche Holly-Sprig Carrwood Shimmering Gold Coedfedw Sandstorm Ballynacoy Prince
Royal Highland Pepperwell Andante Waxwing Rose-Hip Cwmythan Easter Express Swchyrhafod Brenin
Royal Norfolk Thistledown Lakewood Rhydspence Roseanne Popsters Kinky Boots Yswain Ameranthus
Northleach Brynodyn Sirius Linksbury Peachsnaps Popsters Movie Star Syndenham Oxslip
NCPA Staffs Pantycoed Silver Charm Eyarth Osprey Tyrllawn Masterclass Ringside Game Over
Great Yorkshire Gartconnel Siaradus Milford Fair Breeze Rivervalley Rhion Newydd Ben Hur
NPS Area 25 Powys(NL) Sprite Gigman Pizzaz Wyken Romeo Brynseion Bendigo
North of England Brynodyn Darius Moelview Chieftain Popsters Rococo Lynbrie Welsh Lord
TSR Summer Wintersend Nimbus Birkinbrook Juliet Popsters Bootylicious Llanarth Joseph
Royal Welsh Coelenhage's Jarno Monalaw Malcolm No Ticket Given Foryd Daniel
NPS Summer Champs Bryndefaid St Andrew Northlight Coppellia Wyken Lady Jasmine Kala Flash Jack
Ponies UK Champs Delami Roulette Red Janpete Golden Felicity Pantydwr Pencampwr Abergavenny Valmai
National Welsh Llanarth Dynamite Gryngally Pretty Picture Popsters Tommy Cockles Brynmeillion Del Boy
Denbigh & Flint Heniarth Yeats Moelgarnedd Derwyn Seiont Iola Tardebigge Lord Thomas
Monmouth Waxwing Painter Duntarvie Dragoon Rivervalley Rosie Rogers Wishaw Red Rosie




3rd Sep 2014