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Guidance on Social Media

The Secretary would like to bring Rule 3.30 from the Judging & Showing Handbook 2015 to the attention of members, judges, exhibitors, owners and producers:


A judge must not express his/her views on specific animals/exhibitors/judges or their judgement via any form of social media via the Internet.


“…any form of social media via the Internet” includes, but is not limited to, Facebook and Twitter – whether those managed by the Welsh Pony and Cob Society or not – third-party websites, fora, blogs and the comments sections of online newspapers and magazines.


The complaints procedure is detailed on in Section 23 of the Judging & Showing Handbook 2015, and you are invited to acquaint yourself with it. You should also familiarise yourself with Section 21 – General Code of Conduct – and Section 22 – Code of Conduct for Competitors and Exhibitors.


Please note also that Judges, exhibitors, owners and producers should regularly refer to WPCS website for any updates or changes to rules.


The Judging & Showing Handbook 2015 can be viewed by clicking here.


For further clarification, please email

27th Apr 2015