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Glanusk Stallion Show 2012

Royal Welsh Showground.
5th May 2012.

Despite the uncertain weather, the attendance at the 54thGlanusk Welsh Stallion Show was up on last year and entries kept up well also at 641 topped by the yearling fillies, 55 section D and 54 in section A.

This is the Show where mountain pony stallions are awarded premiums, 29 of them were awarded premiums to run out on 15 hills judged by Mr Dewi Thomas (Cefnfedw) and Mr Billy Collins (Penual). It was a good day for the hill ponies, the champion premium stallion, the Lloyd family’s Llanfilo Master Prophet, who was section champion here last year and will run out on Llangoed Hill, ended the day as reserve supreme to the open section A champion, Kevin and Christopher Davies’ seven-year-old stallion Moorcock Vesper who will later run out on the Eppynt mountains. This was some consolation for the Eppynt Stud whose last year’s champion premium stallion Eppynt Veron died shortly after receiving his award. The brought-in Vesper is valuable to the Eppynt Stud to keep the “V” strain going since he is sired by Eppynt Valmet, another descendant of the original “V” mare Cilrhedyn Vanessa, foaled in 1957 and daughter of the Gower premium stallion Ceulan Revelry foaled in 1943. Vanessa was sold to go to Holland in 1959 but injured herself the day before and could not travel so she stayed at Eppynt; what a stroke of luck, just look at all the champions which are descended from her. The judge of the supremes was the Show President, Mr Dennis Price of the Afan Stud who is a staunch supporter of the hill ponies.

The premium judges also officiate as judges for the two classes for yearlings sired by premium stallions and their overall winner, the Greenow family’s palomino filly Blaenau Verly also found favour with the open section A judge Mr Brian Davies of the Talgoed Stud when she won her yearling filly class of 54 entries where over one half of them turned up. Verly also won her class at Lampeter two weeks earlier. Another cream Glyncoch Kentucky leased from Glyncoch Stud to the Baledon Stud won the novice stallion class.

It was also a good day for the bays and the chestnuts, Brightwells Sale bargain, Mrs Mason’s two-year-old bay colt Trehwfa Baderas was youngstock champion, the Abel family’s home-bred bay three-year-old filly Manorlea Maisey May was reserve youngstock champion and best filly, Friars Stud’s chestnut two-year-old filly Friars Diamond Wedding was reserve filly and Elcon Stud’s chestnut consistent winner Pentrefelin Playtime was best three-year-old colt.

The four contestants for supreme youngstock were all bays, three colts each with four white legs and one filly without a spot of white who beat them all! Representing section A was Trehwfa Baderas (above) and he was reserve supreme youngstock. Section B was judged by Mr Wyn Jones (Nerwyn) and had Australian connections, the youngstock champion, who was also overall champion was Mr David Williams’ two-year-old Moelgarnedd Strados who rewarded his owner’s faith when he imported his dam, the Australian-bred WestonPark Musk Rose back to the U.K. Reserve section B champion to Strados was Heniarth Stud’s many-times champion Heniarth Woodwind and Woodwind’s full-brother Heniarth Whistle Down The Wind, owned and shown at Glanusk by Australian Ashley Porter won the best yearling award.   

Section C youngstock and overall champion judged by Mr Roger Davies (Hywi) was the three-year-old colt Donys General Jack produced for Russ Bennett by Justin Walters of Tredegar. General Jack, whose place of birth could be seen from the showring, was amongst the winners in a large class at last year’s Royal Welsh Show where his sire, Bryncarreg Lightning Jack was overall champion. The eleven-year-old stallion Annod St Bert was reserve champion, produced by the Lynard Stud at Wrexham for owners, the Fenech family of Epping, Essex he had strong competition in his class including the 2005 Royal Welsh champion and an entry from Finland.

It takes an exceptional filly to beat seasoned cob stallions but Lee Smith’s three-year-old Bryneglur Molly from Norfolk did just that with judge Mr William Lloyd (Geler) and Molly was reminiscent of his own former Royal Welsh champion Geler Neli. Molly can certainly be labelled “the bargain of the 47 Brightwells Cob Sales” considering that Geraint Davies of Rhyd-Ddu bought her for just £320 on the 2009 Sales. Since then Molly was champion and reserve supreme at the 2011 International Show.

The spectators stayed on in large numbers for the exciting cob stallion classes, the novice stallion class won by Teg and Mel Jones’ home-bred Deytheur Mr Terry whose sire and dam are also both home-bred and the open winner Phil Pugh’s Powysvalley Mr Harry, also home-bred and winner of his class of 32 entries at last year’s Royal Welsh Show. Mr Harry was reserve section D champion to Molly.

As soon as some in-hand sections were completed, two rings were taken over by the ridden classes judged by Mr Richard Miller (Heniarth) (A & B) and Mrs Val Robinson (Ty’reos) (C & D). The largest class was that for section D with 25 entries, led by the yellow dun Menai Stud’s Menai Cardi Llwyd ridden by Gemma Paxford who also won last year at the Royal Welsh  and the golden dun, the Baker family’s Thorneyside Survivor.  Cardi Llwyd was then the choice of the two judges for the championship followed by the section B stallion Melau Morroco purchased by the Nue Valley Stud from his breeder at the 2008 Brightwells Fayre Oaks Sale. The section A winner was Springbourne Envoy ridden by WPCS Office receptionist Katie Parry and section C Rachel Reading’s home-bred Yarty Rhian.


Section A (Judge Mr Brian Davies)
Yearling Colt
1 & Best Yearling Davies Bros’ Brynseion Calvados
2, R Williams’ Dargale Valour
3, J Smith’s Rosegarth Imperial.

Yearling Filly/Gelding
1, G Greenow’s Blaenau Verly
2, R Munning’s Wilcrick Easter Lilli
3, C Bigley’s Waitwith Apricot.

2 Year Old Colt
1, Youngstock Champion & Reserve Supreme Youngstock, S Mason’s Trehwfa Banderas
2, V Hassell’s Abercippyn Magic Touch
3, A Squires’ Garnelog Dewr.

2 Year Old Filly/Gelding
1 & Reserve Best Filly, Friars Stud’s Friars Diamond Wedding
2, S Mason’s Gemstone Melody
3, W Phelps & Son’s Caeharris Branwen.

2 Year Old Colt
1, A Broomhall’s Pentrefelin Playtime
2, G & E Jenkins’ Talgarth Taylor
3, B Andrews’ Dirion Dewi.

3 Year Old Filly/Gelding
1 & Best Filly, C Abel’s Manorlea Maisey May
2, S Williams’ Penymorfa Poppy
3, R Matthews’ Moorcock Zoe.

Novice Stallion
1, Wall, Osborne & A Bale-Williams’ Glyncoch Kentucky
2, E Gummery & E Evans’ Criccieth Karr
3, L Hadley’s Brynseion Macmillan.

Open Stallion
1, Champion and Supreme, Davies Bros’ Moorcock Vesper
2, R & D Elliott’s Fosterhouses Philosopher
3, S Day’s Blethyn Bobby Dazzler.

Section B (Judge Mr Wyn Jones)
Yearling Colt
1 & Best Yearling, A Porter’s Heniarth Whistle Down The Wind
2, A Lloyd & J Owen’s Anri Mister Percy
3, E Lynes’ Moelgarnedd Morgan.

Yearling Filly/Gelding
1, D Morgan’s Cadlanvalley Czarina
2, M Edwards’ Nefydd Awel Ebrill
3, R Andrew’s Bronheulog Grace.

2 Year Old Colt
1 & Champion, D Williams’ Moelgarnedd Strados
2, M Jones’ Zonneweide’s Royal Lustre
3, L & A Bigley’s Llanarth Windsor.

2 Year Old Filly/Gelding
1, B & M Butterworth’s Paddock Jamila
2, D & G Jones’ Fairywood Delilah
3, Landon family’s Linksbury Miss Polly.

3 Year Old Colt
1, A Butler’s Eyarth Quartz
2, P & J Russell’s Bryngwennol Royal Tribune.

3 Year Old Filly/Gelding
1, D Morgan’s Telynau Gwenfair
2, S Pollett & J Ogborne’s Laithehill Concerto
3, E Joseph’s Ronacle Lunar Romance.

1 & Reserve, M Davies & R Miller’s Heniarth Wood-Wind
2, A Butler’s Eyarth Zarah
3, M Edwards’ Nefydd Antur.

Section C (Judge: Mr Roger Davies)
Yearling Colt

1,  Reed family’s Tyngwndwn Scallywag
2, Giles family’s Leyeswick Casino Jack
3, J Williams & K Bodily’s Glebedale Razzamataz.

Yearling Filly/Gelding
1, Jones & Edwards’ Foeluchaf Seren Haf
2, Menai Stud’s Menai Curiosa
3, C & D Jones’ Synod Red Ribbons.

2 Year Old Colt
1, Jones & Edwards’ Littlebeechen Rockefella
2, D Dykes’ Crossfield Llawen
3, C Granger & G Mitchell’s Cargarsar Silver Phantom.

2 Year Old Filly/Gelding
1, H Jenkins’ Brohedydd Princess Royal
2, J Walters’ Ty’rllawen En Vogue
3, Lee Brothers’ Abergavenny Glamour Cat.

3 Year Old Colt
1 & Champion, R Bennett’s Donys General Jack
2, J Cressingham’s Abergavenny Darcy
3, M Pemble’s Penthill ap Masterpiece.

3 Year Old Filly/Gelding
1, H Jenkins’ Brohedydd Flashy Lady
2, L Thomas’ Nebo Betty
3, C Granger & G Mitchell’s Springfieldpark The Goddess.

1 & Reserve, R Fenech’s Annod St Bert
2, Giles family’s Leyeswick Hagro
3, R Howard’s Moorcroft The Master.

Section D (Judge: Mr William Lloyd)
Yearling Colt
1, D Jones’ Fronarth Joshua
2, E Evans’ Eglwysfach Capten
3, J Bowerman’s Trenewydd Don Giovanni.

Yearling Filly/Gelding
1, Best Yearling and Supreme Yearling J, B & J Batt’s Abergavenny Boneddiges
2, A Hughes’ Rhydyfendigaid Lleucu Llwyd
3, S Hamer’s Cwmhir Drama Queen.

2 Year Old Colt
1, B & H Hall’s Murrayhall Cadfael Arbennig
2, G Andrew’s Maesbrithdir Black Harry
3, E James’ Abbeyfield Sparkling Comet.

2 Year Old Filly/Gelding
1, G Griffiths’ Dyffryngwy Myfanwy
2, L Breeze & E Gant’s Northwick Welsh Model
3, J Llewellyn-James’ Avonvalley Isa.

3 Year Old Colt
1, E Harcourt’s Ystraddewi Josiwa;
2, R Manchip’s Ffald J K
3, R Higgins’ Tireinon Adventure Boy.

3 Year Old Filly
1, Champion & Supreme Youngstock, L Smith’s Bryneglur Molly
2, Charman family’s Coppathorne Miss April
3, M, D & C Evans’ Bryncadno Heledd.

Novice Stallion
1, T & M Jones’ Deytheur Mr Terry
2, Jones family’s Fronarth Prince of Wales
3, Menai Stud’s Menai The Creditor.

Open Stallion
1 & Reserve, E & P Pugh’s Powysvalley Mr Harry
2, M Morris’ Avonvalley Great Briton
3, G Jones’ Cwmmeudwy Step On.

Premium Stallions (Judges:Mr Dewi Thomas & Mr Billy Collins)
Champion & Reserve Supreme, S Lloyd’s Llanfilo Master Prophet.

Yearling Colt
1, W Thomas’ Blaenau Varnish
2, J Jenkins’ Pontsarn The Duke.

Yearling Filly
1 & Best Yearling, G Greenow’s Blaenau Verly
2, M Giles’ Martyrtydfil Willow Maid
3, T Cunningham’s Galonuchaf Rachel.

Ridden (Judges Mr Richard Miller and Mrs Val Robinson)
Section A
1, S F Franklin’s Springbourne Envoy
2, R Wilson’s Delami Indigo
3, J Checkley’s Vennebos Pearly Sunshine.

Section B
1 & Reserve, M Ellis-Jones’ Melau Morroco
2, P & J Russell’s Moelview Chester
3, R Andrew’s Bronheulog Logan.

Section C
1, R Reading’s Yarty Rhian
2, J Woodland’s Cwmwood Eleri
3, R Evans’ Gornoeth Mr Humphreys.

Section D
1 & Champion, Menai Stud’s Menai Cardi Llwyd
2, D Baker’s Thorneyside Survivor
3, J Evans-Davies’ Avonvalley Dai Vinci.

Dr Wynne Davies    



11th May 2012