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Glamorgan WPCA MM WHP Show 2012

Glamorgan WPCA M&M WHP Show
6th May 2012

Despite a weather forecast calling for wellies and waterproofs, the sun shone brightly on the 6th of May for the Glamorgan Welsh Pony & Cob Association Performance Medal Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter Pony Show. It was only the second time that the Association had run an event like this and they were rewarded with nearly double the amount of entries than the previous year. Proceedings kicked off at 8.30am with clear round and the supreme was judged just after 5.30pm with a total of ninety five competitive jumping rounds completed throughout the course of the day.

The first class of the day, the Starter Stakes, meant a win for the lovely Cadlanvalley Teleri, produced on excellent form by the Mathias family. Ridden by Leah Mathias and bred by her grandparents, Teleri has previously been placed at HOYS and produced a lovely clear to win the class over the Bissmire's Penllyn Marten. Third went to the Wigley's grey Small Land Justful ridden by Gwynfor Davies Wigley, who had made a two and a half hour drive to attend the show.

Penllyn Marten or Smartie, as he is better known to his fan club, then went on to win the following class, the Novice not exceeding 122cms. Turned out to perfection, Smartie was ridden by Alex Bissmire who has now taken over the ride from older sister Jade. Alex and Smartie are certainly going to be a combination to watch in the future as they produced a lovely clear and were one of only two competitors to receive full marks for their individual show. They beat two of last year's previous winners. Hannah Davies and Little Flash finished second in their usual style and Morgan Thompson and Treowen Romeo finished third.

The winners of the open not exceeding 122cms were again Cadlanvalley Teleri and Leah Mathias, who received the only other perfect 10 of the day for their individual show. Penllyn Marten had another second and Hannah and Little Flash had a third this time.

Class four was a new addition for 2012 and had the most entries of the day with eighteen forward, despite being the only class that was unaffiliated so no WPCS Performance Medal was awarded. The class was a 1'9” non scary class aimed at first time competitors both human and equine. The winner this time was Wynswood Genavieve ridden by Hannah Davies, second was Jade Bissmire's new ride Cynheidrefawr Gold King and third was Theresa Nazer's Penstrumbly Sax Bomb who made the journey up from Ferryside.

The novice exceeding 122cms but not exceeding 138cms meant a win for a delighted Bridie Stephens on her bay Asham Keltic Trooper over Rachel Thomas' Rivervalley Tyron ridden by Mollyann Rees, who nearly qualified for HOYS last year, narrowly missing out on qualifying by one point. Third was the Loring's Caerini the Jazz singer.

The open class for this height section proved eventful with the addition of a filler painted with Shaun the sheep, Shambo the bull and Peppa the pig. Five of the eight competitors forward collected faults at this fence. Four of the eight competitors also collected faults at the water tray. Perhaps the ponies took exception to the family of brightly coloured ducks residing in the tray! The winner of this class was the sole clear in superb style. Joel Hill riding Pikachu made short work of the course with Pikachu not even hesitating at a single fence. Second was Rachel's Rivervalley Tyron, this time ridden by Rachel and third was Lisa Perrot's Tyntyla Gwyndaf ridden by Victoria Woodland. This combination were Working Hunter Champions at the WPCS International Show last August.

Class seven was another large class with sixteen competitors forward. The planks proved very influential in this class requiring a balanced approach and a careful jump. Half of the competitors knocked the planks down, making sure that the arena party ran off all the bags of sweets they had been pilfering out of the competitors sweetie box! The winner came all the way from Pembrokeshire. Wyn Morris's coloured stallion Brechfa Brynach proved mannerly and talented to head the class in his pre Devon county show run, ably ridden by Nathan Deakin. Brynach is not only a talented working hunter but also has 18 British Eventing points and has had a successful in-hand showing career, proving his versatility. Rachel Thomas was second on her own Sherkhan and Alison Salter's Maesmand Jack Daniels was the first of the registered Welsh in third.

The final class was one with only three clears, with three competitors getting faults at the 'animals'! It was another win for Brechfa Brynach, another second for Sherkhan and a third for Jessie Dunn with Doughery Teddy who was on great form in a strong class.

The Championships and Supreme proved very much a two horse race. Unfortunately the Mathias's and the Stephens's had to leave early so not all of the winners were forward. Nonetheless the quality was superb and the eventual winner of the Steve Langford Farrier Novice Championship and recipient of the 'Smokeycott Stud' trophy was Brechfa Brynach, with Penllyn Marten in reserve. Winner of the Arthur John & Co Open Championship and recipient of the D.J. Repairs Trophy was again Brechfa Brynach with Penllyn Marten in reserve. This meant that the outcome for the Ty Golau Stud Supreme could only go one way! It was a hat trick for Wyn Morris's Brechfa Brynach, who had only decided to attend the show as a last minute thing as a point to point they were attending was cancelled. I think it was certainly worth their while to come to the workers show instead! They added the 'Binki Hoods' trophy to their haul. Reserve went to Penllyn Marten who's jockey was heard to remark that he had no more room for rosettes on his number elastic! Alex was also apparently devastated that the animal filler hadn't made an appearance is his open class, an enthusiasm apparently not shared by the competitors who actually got to jump them!

We hope that everyone enjoyed their day and the Glamorgan WPCA Committee would like to extend their grateful thanks to our Judges Mr Philip Williams and Mrs Sherry Church, our very generous class sponsors, championship sponsors and advertisers and our very hard-working team who do so much behind the scenes to produce an exceptional course and a great day! Diolch!

Miss G. Butler


Starter Stakes

1stCadlanvalley Teleri - Leah Mathias
2ndPenllyn Marten - Alex Bissmire
3rdSmall Land Justful - Gwynfor Davies Wigley
4thTynywaun Pegasus - Emily Hodgkin
5thTreowen Romeo - Morgan Thompson
6thCadlanvalley Drum Major - John Loudon

Novice not exceeding 122cms

1stPenllyn Marten - Alex Bissmire
2ndLittle Flash - Hannah Davies
3rdTreowen Romeo – Morgan Thompson
4thGurnos Welsh Replica – Vicky Kedward
5thClwydrhiw Shannon – Ffion Wigley
6thAiryhope Poppy – Rebecca Spring

Open exceeding 122cms

1stCadlanvalley Teleri – Leah Mathias
2ndPenllyn Marten – Alex Bissmire
3rdLittle Flash – Hannah Davies
4thMerlin – Libby Johnson
5thPeggy Patch – Ellie Jenkins
6thGelli Garedig Honey – Beth Granville

Unaffiliated Minimus

1stWynswood Genavieve – Hannah Davies
2ndCynheidrefawr Gold King – Jade Bissmire
3rdPenstrumbly Sax Bomb – Theresa Nazer
4thGorfelyn Honeymoon – Emily Tisch
5thPenstcan Elijah – Rachel Thomas
6thD' Firecracker – Zoe Jones

Novice exceeding 122cms but not exceeding 138cms

1stAsham Keltic Trooper – Bridie Stephens
2ndRivervalley Tyron – Mollyann Rees
3rdCaerini The Jazz Singer – Ffion Loring
4thWynswood Genavieve – Hannah Davies
5thChantilly Lace – Adi Rees
6thPoppy – Alex Bishop

Open exceeding 122cms but not exceeding 138cms

1stPikachu – Joel Hill
2ndRivervalley Tyron – Rachel Thomas
3rdTyntyla Gwyndaf – Victoria Woodland

Novice exceeding 138cms

1stBrechfa Brynach – Nathan Deakin
2ndSherkhan - Rachel Thomas
3rdMaesmand Jack Daniels – Alison Salter
4thPenstrumbly Sax Bomb – Theresa Nazer
5thDoughery Teddy – Jessie Dunn
6thAderyn Du – Cerys Davies

Open exceeding 138cms

1stBrechfa Brynach – Nathan Deakin
2ndSherkhan – Rachel Thomas
3rdDoughery Teddy – Jessie Dunn
4thMaesmand Jack Daniels – Alison Salter

Novice Championship

Champion- Brechfa Brynach
Reserve – Penllyn Marten

Open Championship

Champion – Brechfa Brynach
Reserve – Penllyn Marten

Supreme Championship

Supreme Champion – Brechfa Brynach
Reserve Supreme Champion – Penllyn Marten

17th May 2012