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Abolishment of the Gelding Passport Update Fee

Following a Council meeting held on the 9th May 2016, there will no longer be any charge for a passport update in the case of geldings.

This specifically refers to the abolition of the £8 fee that the Society has charged to update a passport of a pure or part bred colt (the initial registration fee having previously been paid) that has later been castrated and thus requires updated registration as a gelding.

The unanimous decision taken by the Council is directly in line with it’s drive to provide improved member services and to encourage gelding incentive schemes as part of its charitable objects in relation to welfare and education.

The Council and Society Office, whilst mindful of the importance of financial prudence, believe that this decision is one that will benefit its members and assist with promoting and recognising the versatility of our Welsh bred geldings across all equine disciplines.


20th May 2016